Motion, 29 October 1860 [Rounds for the use of the State of Ohio as well as Himself v. JS]

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for the State of ) Motion
as well as for himself Pl[ainti]ff)
Joseph Smith Jr Def[endan]t)
In the Court of Common Pleas in shows to the Court that the Judgment heretofore entered in the above entitled action in this Court at its October Term AD 1837 in favor of the said suing for the State of as well as for himself against the said Joseph Smith Jr for the sum of $1000.00 debt and $23.35 costs of suit became dormant by the death of the said Joseph Smith on or about the [blank] day of [blank] AD 184[blank] and that the same has been assigned to and is the property of the said that on the 29th day of October AD 1860 one was duly appointed and qualified as administrator of the Estate of the said Joseph Smith Jr. that no part of said Judgment has been paid or satisfied Wherefore the said prays that said Judgment may be revived against the said Administrator
s atty
[. . .]
The State of Ohio)
Lake County ss [scilicet])
I Admr of Joseph Smith Jr acknowledge Notice that the above motion will be made to Court aforesaid now in Session and consent that the same may be heard and determined at the present term And admit that the facts stated in said motion are true
Oct 30, 1860
[p. 339]


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