Motion, 5 March 1842–A

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<​Under the ordinances of this ​> I move that when property is sold at sherriff <​marshal’s, or con[s]tables,​> sail the persons having their property sold shall have the priviledge the to redeem the same by paying <​principle​> cost and <​fift[e]en per cent. on principal​> charges within thirty days after sale
<Carried Mar— 5th 42.—
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    When Sloan entered this text as a resolution in the city council minute book, he placed this insertion further down, before “the persons having their property sold.” The reference to “ordinances of this city” notwithstanding, the city council does not appear to have passed any ordinance related to sheriff’s, constable’s, or marshal’s sales prior to 5 March 1842, and the first two of these were county offices, rather than municipal.  

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    Insertions were made in blue ink in the handwriting of John C. Bennett.  

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    Endorsement in blue ink in the handwriting of James Sloan.