Nauvoo City Council Rough Minute Book, November 1842–January 1844

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26 November 1842 • Saturday
1842.— Continued from last Book— November 26th..
John S. Higby [Higbee] was elected for the first Ward, for the second Ward, for the third Ward, and for the fourth Ward, all by an unanimous Vote, and there appeared one Ticket for John A. Forgeus for the 4th. Ward, this election is for the Asst of 1842.—
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the Seal to be procured for the Municipal Court of this , shall consist of a circle, including the words, “Municipal Court.— City of Nauvoo.” within which is to be a Book circled with rays, on which is to be inscribed the words “Constitution and Charter”.
Adjourned until next regular Meeting.
10 December 1842 • Saturday
Saturday Decr. 10th. 1842. Ten oClock A. M.
Some of the council met agreeable to adjournment, but for want of a majority, adjourned until next regular Meeting.
14 January 1843 • Saturday
Saturday Jany. 14th. 1843 ten oclock A. M.
City Council met agreeable to adjournment,— (regular meeting,) which was opened by Prayer,— names of the Council were called,— minutes of last two meetings were read & approved.
The having laid a statement <​before the Council,​> by letter of the Cash funds now in the Treasury, & requesting to know in what manner the same should be disposed of, the following resolution was thereupon passed “to wit”.
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the balance of Cash <​now reported to be in the Treasury & which will be​> remaining in the treasury the<​rein​> after paying the balance due him on the purchase of the burying Ground, be paid over by the to the in part payment [for his] services as Recorder. [p. 1]
The claim of for opening Streets, <​by Survey,​> was referred to the committee of claims.
A Bill was presented on behalf of the , for an Ord[inan]ce granting pay from the Corpn. for all interments in cases where he is unable to procure payt. otherwise, which was referred to the committee of Claims.
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that the next general Election to <​take place in this ,​> be held in the office of Genl. , in the fourth ward of this .
, , & , were duly elected by the City Council, Judges to act at the next general Election to be held in this , for the Election of Mayor, Aldermen, & Councillors for said .
<​This should come in here​> <​X​> The Committee to whom it was specially referred, to prepare a Law for the election of City Council in future, brought forward a Bill which received the usual readings, the rules being dispensed with, & after being discussed & amended, passed into an Ordinance, entitled, “An Ordinance regulating Municipal Elections in the City of ”.
The Committee who were selected to prepare a Bill for regulating the fees & compensation of the Municipal Court, & other persons, brought forward a Bill which received the usual readings, the rules being dispensed with, & after being discussed & amended, passed into an Ordinance, entitled, “An Ordinance regulating the Fees & compensation of the several officers & persons therein mentioned”. [p. 2]
, one of the Committee to whom it was referred to prepare a Code of Criminal Laws, applied for further time for that purpose, & also that the Council would add to the number of the present Committee, both of which was granted, & & were thereupon added to said Committee, thereby increasing the number to five.
presented the report of the City Collector for the year 1841, which was referred to the Committee on Finance, who reported thereon, which report <​was accepted, & it​> approved of the Collectors return, & was adopted. (Report to be put on Record.)
<​ordered to be erased.​> Resolved by &c., that the City Council, having business of importance to transact at all times when met, be not treated as though they were a Cattle Show, by People running in & out of the Council Room, & the is hereby required to prevent such intrusions.
passed Jany. 14th 1843.
Joseph Smith, Mayor.
, Recorder.
Adjourned until next regular meeting.—
30 January 1843 • Monday
Monday January 30th. 1843. Six oClock P. M.
City Council convened by special call of the Mayor. Meeting opened by prayer. Names of the Council were called. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.
It is hereby ordered by the City Council of the City of , that the opening of the first Street east of Warsaw Street, from Water Street South to the , be discontinued.
It [p. 3]
It is hereby ordered &c, that Harris Street be opened, running on the north line of ’s land & land, running east though the widow Beatties farm, & from thence to the Prairie, at the expence of & others, Petitioners.
<​Order given.​>
The claim of , Supervisor, for $34,87½ being the balance due him by the to this date, was allowed, & hereby ordered to be paid to him, <​and​> It <​is hereby​> was Ordered &c, that the amount of money intended to be appropriated to payment of the balance purchase of the burying Ground, due as mentioned in the Resolution passed upon the 14th. January inst. <​(& then supposed to be due to ,)​> be paid to <​said​> , Supervisor, <​as part of his <​sd​> claim,​> the <​said​> balance <​being $16,56¼, & that amt​> having been paid retained by the Collector for the purpose of paying <​over​> the same, (prior to the passing of said resolution, & prior to the adoption of the Collectors Account upon the same day.) the <​said​> Collector having been ordered to pay said purchase money previous thereto.
<​Order given.​>
The claim of City Marshal, for services done for the , commencing May 14th. 1842, up to this date, was laid before the City Council, who referred it to the Committee on Claims, who reported, recommending that he be allowed fifty Dollars, & that the fifteen Dollars recd by him on account of said services, be deducted therefrom, & also that the fines against him, be remitted.— Which Report was <​received and​> adopted.—
The Committee of Claims to whom was referred the Claim of City Surveyor, presented their Report <​which was accepted​>, recommending that said account be allowed, which Report <​claim​> was discussed, & finally ordered to be laid upon the Table.
A motion was made upon the subject of delinquents upon road labour tax, which was discussed, & the following Resolution adopted. Resolved &c, that all delinquents up to this time, have privilege to work out their road labour tax, any [p. 4] any time prior to the first day of May next.
<​Order given, included with his pay as an Alderman.​>
It was <​is hereby​> ordered by the City Council &c, that be & paid the sum of Three Dollars, for engraving a Seal for the Municipal Court, he having warranted that it would make a good impression, also that it would hold fast where it was Soldered.—
<​Cert given.​>
It is hereby ordered by the City Council &c, that be paid the sum of four dollars for a press <​procured by him​> for the use of the City Seal.
Resolved by the City Council <​&c.​> that Councillor who was appointed to sell the lots in the burying ground, be, & he hereby is instructed, to pay over the proceeds of sales made by him, to & others, the Committee upon the burying ground.—
Resolved by the City Council &c, that the surplus funds, if any, arising from the sale of lots in the <​new​> burying ground, after paying for fencing & improving the same, be applied towards fencing the old burying ground.
The committee of Claims to whom was referred a Bill respecting pay from the , for interments, in cases where the could not obtain his pay otherwise, were released from the duty of reporting upon that Bill, & obtained leave, & presented a Bill for an ordinance in relation to interments, which received the usual readings, (the rules being dispensed with,) & passed, entitled, An Ordinance in relation to Interments.”
The Committee to whom it was referred to prepare a Code of Criminal laws, reported a Bill, or Code of Laws & Ordinances, which received the usual readings, (the rules being dispensed with,) & passed, entitled, “Laws and Ordinances of the City of Nauvoo”.
It [p. 5]
It is hereby ordered by the City Council &c, <​that​> the following named Persons be paid the sums respectively annexed to their names, for their services in the City Council, up to this date, inclusive, “to wit”.
$ Cts $ Cts
Certificates made out for these.— —— 20,00 Certs made out for these.— —— 21,50
—— ,50 —— 2,00
—— 21,00 Poor Fund, <​p ​>—— 20,00
—— 32,00 —— 20,50
—— 16,50 —— 6,00
—— 22,50 —— 6,50
—— 16,00 —— 13,50
—— 11,50 , (see his claim allowed on page 4.)——
—— 24,50
—— 17,50 —— 34,50
It is hereby ordered by the City Council &c, that the Persons whose names are hereinafter mentioned do pay the sums annexed to their respective names, the same being the fines incurred by them for neglect of attendances in the City Council, up to this date, inclusive, “to wit.”
$ Cts $ Cts
—— 1,50 —— ,50
—— ,50 —— 9,00
—— 14,00
Resolved by the City Council &c, that the Council will not claim any pay for this meeting.
Adjourned until the next regular meeting.
11 February 1843 • Saturday
Saturday february 11th. 1843.— regular meeting, 10 OClock A. M.—
The City Council met. The Mayor presided. The meeting was opened by prayer. Names of the Council called. Reading of minutes of last meeting dispensed with. The Council then proceeded & elected the following City Officers, for the ensuing two years, to wit.
, City Recorder. , City Marshal. , City Treasurer. , approved as Mayors Clerk. [p. 6] , , Lewis Robison, & City Constables. , City Surveyor. , Supervisor of Streets. , Coroner. , Notary public. , Weigher & Sealer. , Market Master. , Fire Warden, <​of the 4th Ward​> , City Attorney. , Market Inspector.—
— A Board of Health was established, to consist of Joseph Smith, (the Mayor.), , , & , M.D.—
Appointment of Committees were then made, & comes in here.—
It was unanimously adopted, that a market be <​& hereby is,​> established in this .
Adjourned at 3 oClock p m, for one hour.—
The Committee of Municipal Laws are instructed to prepare laws regulating the duties of City Attorney.— also laws to regulate the Market.—
The same Committee were appointed to prepare a law setting forth the duties of the board of Health.
The Committee of public grounds are instructed to select a Site for a Market House.— Upon which they reported, that the rising ground upon Main Street, opposite or near to Ivin’s Brick House, was well adapted for that purpose, & their report was received & adopted.
It was unanimously adopted that the kind of a market House, & Size thereof, be at the discretion of the Mayor, & that he also procure the same to be built at the expence of the .—
It was ordered &c, that the ordinance in relation to interments, passed Jany. 30th 1843, <​be amended,​> by making it to read, “that the Sexton is to receive two Dollars for digging each Grave & interring a Body, in cases where he performs that duty.”—
The Committee on finance are instructed to prepare a Bill for the regulation of Currency in this .
The [p. 7]
<​Cert. given of same date.​>
The Claim of which was laid on the Table, was again taken up, & discussed, & allowed, as follows, to wit, for surveying back Street from Mulholland Street to Munson Street, $2,00.— for surveying Bluff St, from Mulholland St to Munson St, $2,00.— for surveying the St East of Warsaw St, from Parley St South to the City limits, $4,00.— for surveying the St running South from Parley St to Lumber St, between Chas Hubbard, Bently, & Taylor &c., $2,00. Amounting in all to $10,00.—
, & Colrs , & , resigned their claim to pay, as judges of the Election of City Council, held upon the 6th. feby inst..—
Resolved by the City Council &c, that the resolution passed on the 15th day of Jany. 1842, respecting the pay of City Council & Committees, is hereby repealed & abolished, so far as it respects remuneration of Committees.—
Adjourned until this day two weeks, (Saturday 25th inst,) at ten oclock A. M.—
25 February 1843 • Saturday
Saturday february 25th. 1843, adjourned Meeting, ten oClock A. M
The City Council met,— meeting opened by prayer,— The Mayor presided names of the Council called.— minutes of two last meetings read & approved.
The Bond of the was approved, & the instructed to lodge it with the .
The ordinance in relation to interments was ordered to be further amended, by striking out the part thereof which granted pay for <​keeping a record &​> making a return of interments for publication
The [p. 8]
The Committee of Municipal laws presented a Bill which went through the usual Readings, & passed into an ordinance, entitled, “An Ordinance in relation to the duties of City Attorney.”
The Committee of Municipal laws presented a Bill concerning a market, which received the usual readings, during the progress of discussion, the Ayes & Noes were taken to ascertain whether the market house (when erected,) should be leased for five years, or three years, the Yeas were 7, <​to wit, , , , , , , & ,​> for the term of five years, & the Nays two, <​to wit, , & ​> so that the blank was filled up for that term. the Bill passed, entitled, “An Ordinance concerning a market on Main Street.”
presented his resignation of the Office of Alderman, & stated that his name was used, & he was elected without his knowledge, upon which the resignation was received, & accepted.
Genl. was elected by the City Council &c., an Alderman of this , to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of .
Adjourned for forty minutes, for Dinner.
the <​city​> Recorder, took the Oath of office, administered by .—
The following named persons were sworn to the office hereafter mentioned, “to wit,” Marshal.— also as Market Master,— , , & Lewis Robison, Constables,— Weigher & Sealer.— , Coroner.— by the .
The Committee on finance, brought in a Bill for regulating the Currency, which was read the first time, & ordered to a second reading, & while under discussion, the Council Adjourned until ten oClock A.M. on Saturday next. [p. 9]
4 March 1843 • Saturday
Saturday March 4th. 1843.— Ten oClock A. M.—
City Council met agreeable to adjournment. Meeting opened by prayer. Names of Council called. minutes of last meeting read & approved. The Mayor presided.—
The Currency Bill was taken up, & by an unanimous Call of the Council was read at length, it was then discussed & amended, & finally passed, entitled “An Ordinance regulating the Currency.”
The Committee of public works are instructed to prepare a Bill for the erection of a City Prison.
Doctor was elected an Alderman of this by the City Council to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of , & also by reason of (who was elected on the 25th day of feby. last to fill that office,) having declined to act.
was appointed fire warden for the 1st Ward.
do—— do—— 2nd Ward.
—— do—— do—— 3rd. Ward.
The Committee of Municipal Laws are instructed to prepare an ordinance for the duties of firewardens.
Genl. Joseph Smith was reelected Register of Deeds <​& so forth.—​>
It is hereby ordered by the City Council &c, that an Alley be opened sixteen feet wide, running from North to South, through the centre of Block No. one hundred and twenty six (126.) in the City of , at the expence of the Petitioners and others.
Adjourned, until the next regular meeting. [p. 10]
11 March 1843 • Saturday
Saturday March 11th. 1843, ten oClock A. M.
The City Council met. Meeting opened by prayer. Names of Council called. Minutes of last meeting read & approved. presided.
lodged his Bond, was sworn, and took his seat in Council.
<​Cert given same date.​>
It is hereby ordered &c that Knight Street be opened from the Temple Square, East, to farm, at the expence of A. W. Whitney & others, Petitioners.—
It is hereby ordered &c that Ripley Street be opened from the Newyork Store unto Herringshaws Land, at the expence of & other Petitioners.—
The petition of & ors, to have Wight Street opened from Warsaw Street, <​East​> to Winchester Street, between Mulholland & Parley Streets, is hereby referred to the Committee of public Grounds.
The petition of Abraham Bond & others, to open the Street running North from Young Street, to premises owned by Mr. Bond, a distance from Young Street, about 30 rods, was referred to the Committee of public grounds.
The Petition of & others, to have Winchester Street opened from Parley Street South to the , was referred to the Committee of public grounds.
The Committee of municipal laws, obtained time to bring in the Code of Criminal laws now in a state of preparation by them.
<​order given same day.​>
The claim of <​Genl​> for the use of his office as a Council room, & fuel & candles, up to thisdate, amounting to thirteen dollars & twenty five cents, is hereby allowed.
The [p. 11]
<​These 3 Orders given same day.—​>
The claim of for three dollars, as <​a​> Clerk of the municipal Election in 1843, is hereby allowed.
The claim of John A. Forgeus for three dollars, as <​a​> Clerk of the municipal Election in 1843, is hereby allowed.
The sum of seventy five Cents is hereby granted, for stationary furnished for the last municipal Election.
Resolved by the City Council &c, that the Resolution of this Council of the 8th. day of October last, (whereby the was ordered to not make any further payment out of the funds, upon the order theretofore drawn upon him for payment of the City Watch, unless further order of this Council,) be, and the same is hereby rescinded.
The Claims of , , and as City Watch, was ordered to stand over until the Mayor be present.
A Bill was presented, which recd the usual readings, the rules having been dispensed with & passed into an ordinance, entitled, “An Ordinance to amend an Ordinance regulating the Currency,[”] passed March fourth A. D. 1843.—
Adjourned, until the next regular Meeting.
15 April 1843 • Saturday
Saturday April 15th. 1843. Ten oClock A. M.
City Council convened this day, in consequence of adjournment from Saturday last, (the day for regular meeting,) by reason of the Conference of the Church being held at that time.
The Council having been organized, Meeting was opened by Prayer. Minutes of last meeting were read & approved.
Colr. [p. 12]
Colr. was chosen president pro tem, (in the first place.)
A Petition was presented from & others, praying that Granger Street might be ordered to be made twenty feet wider, which Petn. was referred to the Committee of improvements, who reported, & their report was Accepted. Whereupon It was Ordered by the City Council &c., that Granger Street be widened made sixteen feet wider than the Original Survey, <​in manner following, that is, eight​> seven feet, <​to be taken​> from the lots on each side of the Street, from Water Street to the <​North​> end of Granger St. North, & from Water Street to the <​ at the South​> ends of Granger St, south to the river, on the West side of said Street only, and that this order is not to interfere with Houses that are already built, but that those <​Persons​> who have houses on the Street shall have the privilege of moving them at their discretion, & those Persons who have fences made shall have one year from this date, to remove them, also that all improvements that may be hereafter made shall be put eight feet back from the original Survey, the widening of said Street to be at the expence of Petitioners, & others.
The Committee of public works reported progress upon the Bill for the erection of a City Prison, & the Bill was recommitted to them.
The Committee of public grounds Reported, upon the Petition of & ors for the opening of Winchester Street, which report was accepted, & being unfavourable, the Petition was rejected.
A Petition of & ors to have Brigham Street opened, was referred to the Committee of public grounds, who reported favorable, the Report was accepted, & Petition granted, by ordering that Brigham Street be opened, running from Young Street one half mile North, at the expence of Petitioners.
A Petition from & ors on behalf of Betsy Foot Widow, concerning the opening of Lombard Street through her land, was ordered to be laid upon the Table.
The [p. 13]
The Committee of public grounds presented their report, upon the Petition of & others, (to have Wight St opened,) which was accepted, & adopted, whereby It was Ordered that Wight Street be opened from Warsaw Street, East to Winchester Street, at the expence of Petitioners.
Colr. obtained leave to retract the assignment made by him, upon the 17th. day of feby. 1842, of his pay as a member of this Council, so far as the amount which will pay his City Taxes for the year 1842, & he retracted same accordingly.
<​Cert. given.​>
It is hereby ordered by the City Council &c, that the do pay to out of the funds in the Treasury, a sum equal in Amount to the Taxes due by him to the for the year 1842, & the Collectors of the City Taxes <​do receive the​> [illegible] hereby Order [3 words illegible] this <​Cert of the when presented to them,​> Order in payment of <​​> said taxes, if presented to them <​due by for the year1842,​> & endorse such payments thereon, & the will accept said Certfe in the payments <​& settlements​> to be made with him by the said Collectors.
Adjourned at 12 oClock (noon,) until next regular Meeting.
12 May 1843 • Friday
Friday May 12th. 1843. special meeting convened at 9 oC. A. M. by the Mayor.—
, elected president pro tem.— Meeting was opened by prayer. Names of the Council were called. <​reading of the​> Minutes of the last meeting dispensed with, until next meeting.
The City laid before the Council, a letter received by him, from the Secy. of State of this , since the last meeting of Council, stating <​in part​> “that hereafter no commissions will be issued to any City officers, but on the Certificate of the Clerk of the County Commissioners Court, certifying that such Persons elect, have filed in his office, bond as required by law of Justices of the Peace, you [p. 14] you will see farther, the propriety of the position taken, by reference to the 6th. section of “An Act declaring what shall be evidence in certain cases” approved Jany. 11th. 1827.— See revised laws page 281— Sec 6.
The letter before mentd. is <​to be​> recorded at full length in the Record Book.—
A Committee of vigilance, composed of Colrs. & , & , were instructed to apply to the of this respecting the granting of Commissions to the Aldermen, with reference to the Letter above referred to.
A Petition was presented from & others relative to Swine, upon which a Bill was prepared & presented, which underwent the usual readings, the rules being dispensed with, & became an Ordinance, entitled “An Ordinance in relation to swine running at large”.
The Committee upon Municipal laws, declared their readiness to report upon business now before them, but in consequence of the Mayor having a desire to be present when they would report, & he being now absent, they did not present it.
<​Cert. given Same date.​>
, late a <​Member of this​> Councillor in this made application, & obtained liberty to shew Cause why his pay as a Member of this Council for the year 1842, should not be reduced, by a set off of fines, for the time he was absent, & the Cause shewn by him was allowed, & it is hereby ordered by the City Council &c., that be <​& he is, [illegible] <​hereby​>​> allowed the sum of $9,50, (in addition to the sum of $6,00 heretofore allowed him, & for which he recd an Order on the City Treasury, being the Amount deducted from his pay as a Member of the City Council <​for fines,​> for the year 1842.
<​Cert given same date​>
The Claim of was referred to a Committee, who reported, and, It is hereby Ordered by the City Council &c, that the Claim of for $8,00, for boarding & lodging several Prisoners & their keepers, up to this date, be, & the same is hereby allowed— [p. 15]
The Claim of & for a sum of Three Dollars & seventy five Cents for stationary, was laid before the Council, & the following Order made.
<​Cert. given same date.​>
It is hereby Ordered by the City Council &c., that the claim of & for a sum of $3,75 for Stationary got for the use of the City Council, <​up to this date,​> be, & the same is hereby allowed.
The claim of , City Recorder for extra business done for the , in the year 1842, & the use of a room & fuel & Candles for two years ending february 1843, was referred to the Committee of Claims.
It was referred to the committee of public grounds to select a street, to be opened, leading to the burying Ground.
Adjourned until next regular meeting.
31 May 1843 • Wednesday
Wednesday 10 OClock A. M. May 31st. 1843.—
Special meeting convened by order of the Mayor, <​sevl Members being absent, those present​> Adjourned <​until 6 oClock P. M.— met agreeable to adjournment.—​> The Mayor presided.— Meeting opened by Prayer.— names of Council called. minutes of two last meetings read, corrected, & approved.
A Bill was presented for an Ordinance for a Ferry, which was read the first time, Received the second Reading. was discussed at some length, when the Col.
Adjourned until Ten oClock A. M. Tomorrow.—
1 June 1843 • Thursday
Thursday June 1st. 1843. Ten oClock A. M.
City Col met agreeable to adjournment. Meeting opened by Prayer, names of Council called. minutes of last meeting read & approved. The Mayor presided.
The Bill for an Ordinance to establish a Ferry was proceeded upon, & the rules being dispensed with, it recd the third reading & [p. 16] passed, entitled “An Ordinance to establish a Ferry across the , at the City of .”
<​Order issued same date.​>
The Committee on claims reported favourable upon the claim of City Recorder. The report was rejected. The Items of the claim were read, & upon vote, whether the Report be adopted, the adoption thereof was rejected. It was then referred to a committee of the whole. It was then moved, seconded, & carried, that the Report <​of the Committee of the whole​> be received, as favourable, with the exception of the charge for Rent, fuel, & Candles. It was then moved that the report of the Committee of the whole be rejected, <​but​> after some discussion, & upon a proposition from the , that the Charge for Rent fuel & Candles, & a further deduction of ten dollars, be taken off his claim, the balance of his claim was allowed, Amounting to a sum of $147.40.—
Adjourned at Noon, for one hour.
A Bill for an Ordinance respecting mad Dogs & other Animals, was presented, recd the usual readings, was discussed, & the rules having been dispensed with, passed into an Ordinance, entitled as above.—
The Committee of vigilance presented a Letter prepared by them, to forward to the , respecting the commissioning of City officers, which was read, & approved of by the Council. Record Letter.
<​order issued same date​>
A Claim of & , of $9,75 for printing City Script, & for Newspapers &c. <​furnished the , up to this date,​>, was allowed by the City Council.
<​Seperate Orders issued same date.—​>
The following Sums were allowed, upon the Certificate of Captain of the City Watch, for services rendered as Watchmen, <​& commencing Novr. 8th. 1842, up to feby. 23rd. 1843.​>. to wit: 8 nights $12,00.— 8 nights $12,00.— 8 nights $12,00. & the sum of $6,50 is to be deducted from & s claims, (one half from each,) being for Lime bought by them, under sale by , at suit of the City of against Wm. Niswanger, for that amt. of costs.
A [p. 17]
<​order issued same date.​>
A claim of was allowed, of three dollars, for services rendered to the , by <​assisting the in​> the making out of the Original List of City Lots & other Lands
. . . & , were elected <​Members of the​> City Council <​pro tem,​> for the City <​of ,​> by the City Council of said .
Adjourned, until next regular meeting.
Minute Entry, Approval of Claim and Order • 7 June 1843
June 7th. 1843. The Mayor signed an Order upon the City Treasury in favour of City Recorder, for twenty three dollars and fifty Cents, being the balance due him for his Salary of one hundred dollars, as Recorder, for the year 1842, after deducting fifty dollars for which he received an Order upon the 12th. day of July 1842, & twenty six dollars & fifty cents by an order dated Jany. 14th. 1843, for the bals of Cash then remaining in the Treasury.
, Recorder.
10 June 1843 • Saturday
Saturday June 10th. 1843.— regular meeting, ten oClock A. M.
The City Council met, meeting opened by Prayer, names of Council were called, minutes of last meeting read & approved.
elected president, pro, tem.
The Counsellors elected on the 1st. instant, were arranged as follows, to act in the absence of those whose vacancies they fill. instead of , for , for , & for .
Three petitions were presented, & moved upon, for a repeal of the Hog law, & the motion was seconded by , for the purpose of having it discussed, & upon discussion, the Petition<​s​> was <​were​> rejected. [p. 18]
The petition of respecting Water Street, is hereby referred to the Committee of public Grounds.
A Bill was presented, received the usual readings, the Rules having been dispensed with, & passed into an Ordinance, entitled, An Ordinance to regulate the rates of Toll at the Ferry, in the the City of .
It is hereby ordered by the City Council of the City of , that Fundy Street be opened from South Street to the burying Ground, & that the be instructed to open it, and make it passable.
Adjourned until next Regular meeting.
29 June 1843 • Thursday
Thursday June 29th. 1843. Special Meeting.
The City Council met upon the call of Aldermen , , & .— Meeting opened by Prayer, Names of the Council were called, minutes of last was elected president, pro, tem.
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
A Bill was presented for an Ordinance concerning strangers & contagious diseases, & for other purposes, which received the usual readings, (the rules having been dispensed with,) & became an Ordinance, with the Title as above.—
A Bill was presented for an Ordinance concerning confining or keeping Animals in the City of , which received the usual readings, (the Rules having been dispensed with,) and passed into an Ordinance, entitled as above.—
A Bill was presented for an Ordinance concerning bathing and Swimming, which received the usual readings, and became an Ordinance entitled as above.
Adjourned until next regular meeting. [p. 19]
12 August 1843 • Saturday
Thursday <​Saturday​> August 12th. 1843. Regular Meeting 10. A. M.
a minority of the City Council assembled, and issued an order to <​alderman​> , to bring the Marshall, , before the council, forthwith and the order returned, with the .—
<​Counsellor​> was appointed President Pro, tem.
Prayer by . Names of members called. A. communication <​was​> read from <​Recorder​> to , whom it may concern, <​stating his absence​> when it was, voted that be the Recorder of the .— and sworn accordingly, by the Prisednt of the council.
Minutes of previous council read and approved
Petition of was mentioned was by , petition last unknown where, Committee on public grounds reported favorably on the petition of . Read and <​Report​> accepted
passed an ordinance to remunerate for land occupied by a Street.
A. Bill was presented for An Ordinance to remunerate for land occupied by a street, which passed <​received​> the usual readings, and passed into a law, entitled as above
The <​semiannual​> report of the Recorder, concerning the pay of members of the council for was presented, annexed, and approved.
Adjourned to next regular meeting.
9 September 1843 • Saturday
Saturday September 9th. 10 oclock A. M. Regular Meeting
A. minority of the Council assembled, and adjourned until Monday the 18th. instant at 10 oclock A. M.—
Council assembled [p. 20]
18 September 1843 • Monday
Monday August [September] 18th. 1843— 10 A. M. adjourned Meeting, 10. A. A minority of the council issued an a warrant to Alderman to bring the , which was immediately executed, and the notified absent members.— At 11, oclock & 30 minutes a majority were assembled. was <​chosen​> president Pro Tem. prayer by . Names of Members called. <​minutes of the two last councils read and approved.​> Alderman , (who had acted in place of ,) was appointed in place of who was absent.
Petition was read from and others to open an alley through Block 124,— which was referred to the committee on Public grounds <​Improvements,​>.— who reported favorably, and report was accepted.
A bill <​was presented​> for “an Ordinance for the inspection and measurement of lumber in Nauvoo and other purposes placeswhich was twice read.— spoke, replied. spoke <​by query.—​> follwed by Aldermen & , and replied to by , spoke.— <​Bill​> Referred to a special committee (viz) , , &
A bill <​was presented​> for “an Ordinance concerning the inspection of flower flour &c. in , & for other purposes.” Read twice. spoke, in favor of the bill, three the number three was added to the blank— with other amendmts as shown on the bill, by motion,— read third time by its tittle. and passed into a law,— with its title,— as above
<​A Bill <​was a presented​> for​> An Ordinance to authorize the City Constables to execute and enforce the ordinances, relating to ways and means to Hogs and beasts, and to build a pound in the City of . Read twice,— and the third time by its tittle. and passed into a law with its title, as above.—
1. P. M. Council adjourned to next regular Meeting. [p. 21]
14 October 1843 • Saturday
October 14— 1843, 10' o clock A. M.
Regular Meeting. A minority of the council issued a warrant to the to call absent membe[r]s at half past eleven. Names of members called. Prayer by ,— Minutes of last councel read and approved.—
A Bill was presented By for “an Ordinance Concerning the Measurement of Stone Coal, and Lime,[”] which was read twice, <​on motion to insert the number 10 in blank​>— , , , , , The President <​Mayor​>, , The Preside[n]t , The President replied, , , , , The president <​Mayor​>, spoke in objection to regulating the bushel by weight.— motion lost. Bill Laid on the table.
Wm. E. Horner— was appointed inspector of flour in the City of .
The ordinance concerning the inspection of flour in the city of , passed Sept 18th 1843, <​was read​> followed with remarks by , the Presdent, &.
council adjourned.— <​at 1 o’clock P. M.​>
11 November 1843 • Saturday
November 11. 1843. 1/2 past 11. o clock A. M.
Names of members called.— Quorum Present. <​, chosen Pres Pro tem​> Alderman . was added to the council in place of who was absent.— Prayer by . Minutes of last council read and accepted <​approved​>
, present an account of $60.00, for Assesing and collecting referred to the committee on claims
s Bill, for assessing and collecting in 3d ward. referred to committe on claims. $65,00.
Josiah Arnold. $13,50, as city watch. Committee of Claims [p. 22]
$48, as city watch. Referred to Com on Claim
$63.00 as supervisor Referred "
. $30,00 as city watch.— Referred "
[blank] Quick— $13,50, as city watch. Referred "
28.50, as city watch Referred "
<​Committee reported favorably on the foregoing accounts amounts.—​>
. Bill for sundry services. $67,05 referred "
Reported favorably— and Report accepted.—— <​and allowed​>
<​as appointed by nomi[n]ation,​> assessor & collectur 3d Ward for 1843
" " 4 " "
Daniel Hendricks " " 2 " "
" " 1 " "
Petition of <​& other​> granted, and others to lay out an alley <​through block 124, North and South from Parley to Kimball St.——​>
Bond, as City R[e]corder, & WmE Horner’ Bond as Inspector of flour. read and accepted approved, and given to the to deposite in the Treasury
Bill of from & . for printing, was read and referred to committe on claims, $117. decucting [deducting] 1/3 = $.78.00 Report accepted.— accou[n]t <​with the aforesaid claims​> allowed.
1/2 past 1 o clock P. M adjou[rn]ed.
8 December 1843 • Friday
Special Sessions
December 8— 1843. 4. o clock P. M
Names of members called,— Prayer by the mayor. Minutes of last conf council read and approved,
“An extra ordinan[c]e for the extra case of Joseph Smith and others,” was read twice, & the third time by its title and passed by unanimous vote.
Also “an ordinance to erect a dam in the and for other purposes” was read, & the rules dispensed with & read read twice by its title, and passed unanimously.
The Mayor suggested the idea of passing <​that the council might pass​> an ordinance to suspend the operation of the states [p. 23] in this , also the idea of petitioning congress to receive us the <​Nauvoo Legion City​> under their protection, and <​acknowledge the Legion as troops, and assist in fortifying <​fortifications​>, & other purposes and​> a messenger be sent to congress for this purpose at the expence of the .— — & approved, also C. .—
Mess , & were appointed a committee to draft a memorial according to the Mayors suggestion as above.
Resolved that the citizens of this be called together. tomorrow morning to hear read the <​extra​> ordinance for the extra care of Joseph Smith & others, also that <​the​> Same be printed immediately
Adjourned till Monday <​Tuesday​> <​morning next​> at 10 A. M.
12 December 1843 • Tuesday
December 12th 18,43,— 10. A. M.
Special Session, according to adjournment.
Names of members called, quorum present. Prayer by the mayor. Minutes of last council read and approved.
Resolutions passed by the inhabitants of the 3d ward regarding the protection of the Zitizens [citizens] of the & , read Also same of the 2d ward.——
. Spoke. replied
Petition of , in behalf of Temple committee praying exemption from taxation all property belonging to the , which was, and pe[ti]tion granted. & A. instructed to write an amendment to the ordinance.
spoke of on the petitions of the 2d & 3d wards. A. replied. spoke. The Mayor spoke
Petition on <​of​> Assessors and Collectors for continuance of time in advertising lots for sale for taxes, read and <​Petition​> granted by Amendment to that ordinance for assessing and collecting taxes. <​to amend an ordinance concerning the public revinue passed Nov 31. 1842,​> read twice, & 3d time by its title and passed,—
An ordinance for selecting forty policemen & for other purposes. read. <​rules dispensed with​> & twice by its title & passed. [p. 24]
Councillers on the committee for writing <​a​> memorial to congres asked extension of time to report and granted till saturday next. 10 oclock A. M.—
“An ordinance for the health and convenience of travellers and other purposes.” read. The Mayor spoke in explanations A. & spoke— Ordinance passed read again <​and the​> third time by its title, & passed.
Petition of , ,— that the issued his certificat for payment of all bills that have been allowed by the council— read & passed
Claims of for shackles. $2,50. read.— rules dispensed with and Claims allowed,
The stated to the council that he had furnished the old tax list to the new assessors, as their directory, with some other instead of a new list, which the council approved.—
12½ noon. Adjourned till Saturday 16th int. 10 A M.
16 December 1843 • Saturday
Special Session. Saturday Dec 16th 1843, 10 oclock A. M.
Names of members called, prayer by , minutes of last council read and approved. was added to the council to supply the place of who was absent, notified and took his seat
The Mayor, Aldermen, and counsellors signed the Memorial to petition congress for redress of Losses.— <​officially.—​> Memorial Read
Counsellor . on the committee for memorializing Congress for protection, read the Memorial. A suggested an amendment. suggested additions Mayor spoke. C spoke. Mayor spoke in reply. stating we wished to ask the privilege of calling on troops to protect us us in our privileges, which is not unconstitutional,— but lays in the breast of congress.——
spoke.— on legal and constitutional points [p. 25] read from the Constitution.— & spoke suggesting the propri[e]ty, & referring the mem
was added to the committee on the Memorial.
Moved by , 2d and carried that be added to the committee, and the memorial referred back to the committee for revision. on motion of A. .
read from the constitution, the Mayor spoke that the had ceded to us the power which they possessed therefore we have a claim on congress. All that right ceded by Congress to the Legislature is now ceded to us.— and continued his speech at considerable length.
spoke by deny.— The mayor replied, at length — spoke. spoke, Spoke
An Ordinance regulating Merchants & Grocers Licenses. was twice read.— spoke. by objection. replied. spoke. The mayor spoke.
Motion by , and carried that Charles Warner be removed from the office of <​City​> Auctioneer.
was duly elected City Auctioneer in place of Charles Warne removed
Resolved by the City Coun[c]il of the City of that the notify C. Warner that he is removed from office. & had leave of absent.
The ordinance Regulating Merchants and Grocers Licenses. amended read by its title & passed. Title approved,
Twenty five minutes past 2 adjourn for 1 hour
Twenty five minutes past 3 o clock council assembled <​spe​> according pursuant to adjournment, <​names of members called,​> Minutes of <​last council read and approved.​>
Notice of Charles Warners discontinuance of office was given to the .
— spoke of the measures of the .— that he had tried a pint cup by measuring it twice in a quart measure, and found it <​Larger in proportion than the quart.​>
spoke in explanation. [p. 26]
an ordinance concerning wharfage and for other purposes in read twice, & amended by erasing the word stop, and, <​insert​> “land” inserted.— the number ten— was erased & fifty added read third time, and Passed. Its Title, An Ordina[n]ce concerning the landing of Steam boats in , passed
was duly appointed wharf master, for one year.
was appointed a committee to wait on Mr. to solicit a block of land on which to build a jail.— A. was added to this committee.
Petition of read for claims as read & refered to committe on claims commite reported favorably,— and the council referred the bill back to the committee,— Comittee reported to allowing 25 dollars,— and the repo[r]t was acceptied, and twenty five dollars was allowed.—
Resolved that the office of city attorny be vacated for the time being, and that the give notice accordingly.
5 oclock P. M Council adjour[n]ed to next thurdy [thursday] 10. A M.—
21 December 1843 • Thursday
Thursday December 21— 1843. 12 o clock, Adjourned Council
Names of members called, C. was chosen presidnt protem in mayors absence prayer by . Minutes of last council read and approved
The committee appointed to visit concerning a site for a jail Reported that wo would give 3/4[th] of a Lot on parly St or, or 1 Lot on Sidney & Back St for the purpose of building a jail. Deeding the same to the [p. 27]
on conditions the city should occupy said lot for said <​said​> purpose.—
Voted that the same committe proceed to select the Lot & procure a deed <​title​> of <​for​> the same,
moved the committee <​be ins[t]ructed to​> select the whole <​whole​> Lot on <​Sidney and Back Street​>
proposd the 3/4. Lot. Mayor said that would depend on the Location. The object was to keep prisoners, and had better be in the most public place.
proposed the most valuable Lot, stoght [thought] the fractional Lot was the most valuable,
thought the full lot was equally va[l]uable with a stone quarry thereon,
Motion carried for selecting the full Lot.
Claims of — for cer Burying certain individuals &c <​and furnishing a coffin.​> to the amount of $29,00, read and refered to the Committee <​on claims.—​>
The Committe Reported fav[or]ably and that the account be allowed. Report a[c]cepted.— and claims allowed. and To be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.
An ordinance was reported by the committe to memoria[l]ize Congress. Read. & accep Report accepted.
And the reports of the ordered to a second reading. Read by C. .
moved an amendment, “the,” erased, and this inserted.—
proposed an additional Section of <​to​> the ordinance requiring the troops to obey the orders of the mayor in case of insurrection
made raised a query, to which replied and the 4[th] section was added to the ordinance. The mayor suggested an amend amendment of perpetual succession. proposed an amendment to add “the nearest troops,” related an anecdote of concerning Owens, and objected to the word contiguous, &, Mayor concurred. in
suggested that we <​will​> have a right to a garrison arsenal &c when <​if​> the ordinance pass.
Motiond by C A & carried that the memorial & ordin[an]ce, be forwarded to Congress—— [p. 28]
Motiond & seconded <​and carried​> that C. be delegated to prese[n]t the same to Congress.
Mayor proposed a combind delegation of the Repres[en]tatives of , in presenting the bill.
An Ordinance to prevent unlawful search or seizure of person or property by foreign process in the City of read twice,— 3 time by its tittle & passed. satisfied with its title.
Mayor suggested the propriety of making all coloured people free,— so that the cannot be carried out of the , unless guilty of crime,
suggested the propriety of giving instructions to the committee to bring in an ordinance concerning the Registry of deeds.—
Charles Warner had leave & spoke, enquiring the reason of his removal from the office of City auctioner,—
The Mayor explained also
Warner asked leave to pay auction tax in treasury orders — objected; spoke. thought Warners claim had priority. thought there was no action called for,
Motioned and Carried that the be instructed to give C. Warner s orders <​for services rendered the city priority,​> priority, in payment
resigned his appointment office <​Elect​> as City Auctioneer, & <​Charles​> Warner— was <​re​> duly <​re-​>elected City Auctioner
Motiond & seconded that <​and​> carried that be Marshal of the for the , expecting soon to <​leave <​the ​>​> was duly elected Marshall of the ,
, Spoke of the duties of a Marshal— &c
spoke, The Mayor gave instruction to the & polic[e]men— to see that all carrion is removed, that all <​public​> houses are kept in order,— stops boys fighting, prevent children floting off on the ice, correct any thing out of order; like a father,
resigned his office as assessor & collector to with other approbation of the council, [p. 29]
The Mayor offerd to build a jail if they would leave it to him, and he was authorized so to do
The Mayor referred to the Statutes.— and the criminel code of the .
moved & carri[e]d <​unoninosly [unanimously]​> that the old committee on the <​ be dropped on the committee on the​> criminel code be dropped. & C. Substituted.—
The Mayor proposed as soon as opportunity presents we vote for our own Court house &c—.
<​3 oclock​> Adjourned to next regular meeting.—
29 December 1843 • Friday
Special Session, Dec 29, 1843, 4 oclock P. M.
Names of members called, Prayer by minutes of last council read and approved,
& 40 policemen— were sworn into office, to support the constitution of the & the State of and obey the ordinance of this and the Mayor according to the best of their ability,— by the <​Counseller​> Clerk of the Mayors Court.— Names <​of police​> called by
A. admonishd the police to do their duty. The Mayor spoke. said that it was expected that a part would be on duty while othesr rest,— that it might be expected that thieves had crept into the church, that it would be an abominable thing to set a theif to catch a thief, & would look upon men in their situati[o]n, guilty of a mean or cowardly act with the utmost concempt,— <​to be​> called High policeman, men have strange Ears, transformed,— altogether different from what they were, <​we will​> be forbearing, until we are compelled to strike, then do it decently and in good order, & break the yoke so that it cannot be mended, the mob mob has been so repulsed they stand in fear, [“]<​Let us​> <​we will​> be at peace with all men so long as they will let us alone” shall be the Motto of the C. of J. C. o Latter D. Saints from this time forth, in relation to , Let it them alone,— they stink in the nose of the Almighty, Let them alone.— has gone clear and that proves me clear of being accessory of shooting [p. 30] that our difficulties from the State of are hurled on us through the influ[en]ce of our neighbors around us.— the has boasted of being a law abiding man. it is our best policy to acquaint the by affidavits &c so that when the onset comes he will be obliged to send the Militia to our support. Let us keep cool, as a cucumber in a frosty morning, say nothing about . Soft words turn away wrath “in the heart of a fool,” therefore <​we will​> Poor pussey this generation. keep time,— have the ordinances in possession and study them, & ferret out all brothels and disorderly conduct, and if a transgressor resists cuff his ears,— if any one lifts a weapon presents a pistol &c take its his life if need<​s​> be, take care of to save your yourselves <​own lives​>, Let no horse be taken away,— or any thing stolen.— Let alone, stay at home, if any man attempts to bribe you tell me, Let us have a reformation, the spe[c]ulators are in this & wanting to sell revolving pistols, to us to fight the <​and the ’ to fight us,​>
I think my life more in danger from some little doe head of a fool in this <​the​> than from all the volobulory of enemies abroad, and <​if​> I can escape the <​the hand of an as​> assassin of a Brutus I can live as <​like​> as <​might​> Caesar, <​have lived if he had not been for <​a​> Brutus​>— I have <​have had​> pretended friends who have betrayed me as I am informed. Then Blessed the police,— it may be said in time to come where is our <​of​> old policemen—. <​if you magnify your office,​> Let us have one of our policemen <​if you will magnify you[r] office​> shall be the blessing that shall be conferrd on you in time to come. if you wi
Counseller , spoke,— of the importance of the Police office,
The Mayor said that if any one offerd a bribe to a policemen the will pay that Policeman twice the amount offered for the information to be reported to the Mayor.
Petition of to have Licenc to retail Spirits read & ordered to be laid on the table.
Petition of & others— for openi[n]g a part of the street called Mulholland St— as far east as the corporations line [p. 31] & petition ordered to be granted
Petition of R[euben] H Loomis for a Licence to Retail spirituous Liqors read and, and ordered to be laid upon the table,
Council Adjourned to next regular Meeting
3 January 1844 • Wednesday
Special Council, Jan 3d 1844 12 oclock—
Names of members called, The Mayor directed the to bring & before the Council, and said told him last evening that had said that some of the police had told him that they had been sworn by the Mayor secretly to put <​him​> () out of the way,—, has had no private conversation with any of the Police but and that to have special care of his <​personal​> safety,— called on the policemen to say no if they had receved any <​no​> private oath from the Mayor & they all said no.
Coun said said that the policemen swore him <​according to Masonic degredatin [degradation]​> to keep the secret, that he was to be put out of the way in 3 months
Mayor wanted policemen to understand forever, that all he wanted was they should excuted the Law, & him his <​orders​> according to the Law,
Policemen called for the individual police
Mayor said he thought proper should come before the council and make his statement on oath,
<​Mayor​> If you saw see a man stealing and you have told him to stand 3 times, & warned him that he is a dead man if he does not stand, <​& he runs​> shoot of his leg— the objct of the police is to stop theeving,— but an enemy should not be harmed until he draws weapons upon you,
, came in and was sworn to tell the truth, touching the case before the Council, by <​ C. M. Court​>
, oath before the <​said he had​> been informed that one <​some​> of the policemen that <​had had​> another oath had been adminted [administered] <​beside the one administed publicly​> that one there was a judas in the <​Gen Smith​> cabinet: one who stood next to him [p. 32] and he must be taken care of, and that he <​must​> not be allowed to go into the world, but must be taken care of <​and not only​> a doe head & judas, but a Brutus,— <​that the idea had been advanced​> that the scriptures support such a doctrine.—
. who is the person, <​&​> who told you
, I am under obligation not to tell,
— that is immaterial you are bound to disclose by your oath here.
— one oath is as good as another.
Mayor said he would protect him— he was bound to tell,—
said he would tell who told him <​& he might tell the name of the police​> Eli Norton told me,
the , <​was​> sent to bring Eli Norton.
Mayor said, <​to the police​> on conditions I have had no private conversation with any of you that they <​you​> will rise up & change the breech of the your guns upwords & all arose & changed the<​ir​> butt of their guns.
Counseller , consid[er]ed the things very alarming when he heard <​it​>, referred to & ’s doings in .— and stated what was said by the mayor on a former council.
Mayor said the reason why he made the remarks he did was on account of the reports brought from Jail By ,— that they wanted to get me <​&c thus​> to put down Mormonism— so that they might organize upon their old principles.— on the orthodox system, did not design to try me but hang me, that they had a man in our midst who would <​fix me [illegible] out—​> deliver me up if they could not get me without, and related his remarks at the previous council
Minutes of last council read,—
Eli Norton sworn to testify the truth the whole & nothing but the truth— by Counseller Clerk of Mayor Court.
all I know about a private oath is on intimation — said all that I have heard,— proba[b]ly referred to what has been stated, about a doe head &c, <​By Mayor​> Did he say he had administd a private oath?, <​Norton​> No! said not much about [p. 33] , did not say you had ever minstred [administered] any private oath. s never in[s]tructed must be put out of the way, did not call s name nor no other name. did not say the policemen had a private oath,— did understand to say there was private instructions, and if a man could not keep a secret was not worthy of a place in the chu[r]ch, did not say the Mayor had given him a charge, did not tell where, told me there were doe heads about. did he <​not​> say the doe heads were in danger the mayor was in danger from the doe head,—
By , Did you not understand from , that he was suspicious of one near him as a doe head, & must be taken care of. & satisfied he had refered to me? <​E. N.​> Yes, he mentioned a doe head standing near Joseph, <​had​> conversation on Spiritual wifes,— I did not believe,— knew was opposed, and in the <​this​> conversation the doe head come in <​​> Did not say <​Joseph​> had anything to do with spiritual wifes <​or​> had not taught any such things, <​did not say​> had any thing to do with it.— <​there was​> no chain to the conversation,— <​he suggested​> there was another Law, the Law of God, do not know who admisted the <​other​> oath,
Mayor, tell what you know that made you so alarmd about ,—
Eli Norton, told me several times Danitesism was not down, never said mayor had any thing to do about Daniteism, , said it was a good system, said Q every department <​Quorum​> had their teachings and they must not tell another quorum’s, did not say I must take an oath to remain his counseller,— I drew the inference that was the doe head from conversation, but did not name ,
, said— I told him we were sworn & our duties specified I said by the covenant we have made in Baptism we are bound to protect each other in righteousness,— daniteism is to stand by each other that is all I know about Daniteism,— Mayor said he was not afraid of any thing but a doe head in our midst!— <​In our conversation we​> referred to spiritual wifes and one thing brought on another,— I was asked who can that man be? I give my opinion, that certain men had been requ[i]red to give their property [p. 34] to certain purposes, & then went & build a mill, & sowed a hundred acres of hemp & lost it in the river,— Norton said knew about the spiritual wife system. I never intimated that life was in danger, I intimated that might be the doe head, previously and me had conversation about stories afloat on spiritual wifes, he thought it was from the devil,— and we must put it down that he knew such a thing was in existince. & breaking up of families &c
By, , <​Did I said not say​> we have a good foundation because Joseph blowed it all up before the Hight Council, & before the Elders Quorum? Yes said ,— did not speak disrespectfully of Joseph or of the Church,— Had no secret converation <​with mayor​>. no charge except before the council never heard any thing from me to endanger the life of any man.
Mayor spoke on spiritual wife system, and explained, The man who promises to keep a secret and does not keep it he is a liar. and not to be trusted, came to me the other night and say <​said​> that he was satisfied & pleased with all I had said.— I did say <​said​> .—
Counseller spoke, at considerable length.—
Gen spoke, said there was no man in the more zealous to support Mormonism than himself. I have ever been ready to stand forth 9 <​one​> against 9, for the defense of Joseph. and am yet, if he lives till I shed his blood or strike a hair from his head he will live till he is as old as Methuselah.— and I firmly believe if I live till Joseph kills me or sets any one to kill me I shall live as long as I shall want to.—
Mayor, Did I ever tell you that any body had told me that you would sell your property you would blast blow up Mormonism?—
,— told me that.
said he had never conveyed the idea to father Norton that Joseph <​had​> said that was the Doe head.
Mayor— where a man becomes a traitor to his friend or country who is innocent, treachous to innocent blood I consider it right to cut off his innocent influence so that he could not injure the innocent,— [p. 35] but not right to meddle with that man without testimony, Law & trial, suggested the propriety, since <​is​> clear & &c, <​& we have​> promise of protection from the &c, of the policemen Laying up their fir guns, and carrying only small arms,— and that the council pass such an order, The Danite system never had any existence, the term grew out of a term I made an off when the brethren prepared to defend themselves from the mob in ,— the in reference to the stealing of Macaiahs images— if the enemiy comes the Danites will be after them, meaning the brethren in self defince, Mayor inst[r]ucted the police to lay up their arms till further order 4½ P. M
Council Adjourned
5 January 1844 • Friday
Friday January 5[th] 1844 11 A M
Special Session, Names of members called, Prayer by . Minutes of the last 2 councils read and approved,— object of the council stated by Mayor similar to the last council <​wherein​> considered himself & & are in danger.— when he heard the report he was unwilling to believe any thing about it from the course the thing took in the last council.— But for the sake of others he had called this council.
going home the other night was hailed by a policeman and, and <​who​> frightened him, <​A​> Policeman told that & must not cross his tracks. That Warren Smith said at another <​time​> that & were enemies to Joseph.— &c.— I have never thought not even to dream of doing any thing against the peace of this . Did not know I have any enemies. have been at home. heard <​but​> little did not know there was so much evil surm[i]sing in the ,— My long forbearance to my enemies ought to be sufficient testimony of my d peaceful Disposition towards all, It occurred to my mind that it was not fear, but got up for effect, but I do not know it,— I want the council to investigate
sworn testified Monday evening came up & said are you aware of the danger you are in? , No! [p. 36]
, your life is threatened,— A policeman stopped me— in the dark, I was alarmed,— <​​> I supposed the threats were from that policeman— but I was mistaken. another policeman said last Sunday, that Joseph had enemies. that & myself were Joseph’s enemies, & if they come in his way, or they might be popped over <​a fire was kindled in the street near my house, and I thought I was watched,​>
. told me,— and a man in the east part of town, told me. and a man come from the other side of the & told the story, <​to that man as he said​>— yesterday morning , . & met in street,— & I told the story, as before related.
Mayor, did ever any body tell you I was the one who dire[c]ted you to be watched? . No!—
went for — &— [George] Crouse,
, sworn on Sunday 31 dec.— I met Warren Smith in Crouses Store. asked him if he knew who the Brutus was. Smith said he believed , <​was one​> & another, they had better not come in my <​his​> way,— my impression was if they were coming in Did not say he would shoot them or endanger their lifes any way.— Did not know whether there was any private instructions.— or what.— believed was in danger, did not think in danger from Joseph.— thought Smith was under a wrong impression with regard to .— W. Smith said he <​()​> had better not come in my way.— I gath[ere]d the idea there was something wrong with Bro Smith Don’t recollect any person present,— Mayor, Did Mr Smith give you to understand that I had authorized him to believe there was any difficulty, between us, or any other policemen? <​​> No!—
Did not think W. Smith would transcend his official duties, towards .— felt at the time & was in danger— did not think they were in danger if they did not rise up against the authority.— Did not say he had any instruction— said to you have enemies,— My impression was that somebody had been to Joseph to make a bad impression on his mind.— W. Smith did mention name, <​I think​> according to the best of my recollection 30 policemen swrron [sworn] <​all who were present​> Testified that Gen Smith had never given them any private instruction concerning the case before the council
Warren Smith— said asked my opinion, I said from rumor [p. 37] I would suspect , does not believe he menti[on]ed name,— My opinion was founded on rumor. Bro said was in a bad situation, was kicking, and if he did not mind he would go over the board. if he had his property & was away he would feel better,— have heard it talked of that was not going to stand &c &c <​​> did not tell what he was kicking at, think he mentioned Spiritual wife system, &c. I understood a Brutus to mean a treacherous man.— did not believe in it <​the​> <​spiritual wife system,​> & did not believe in it.—
G. W. Crouse sworn.— does not recollect any conversation between W. Smith & , at his office.— relative to the case in question.— had discussion about the duties of policemen.
said it was custom[a]ry for policemen to go armed, in time of danger—
confirmed. ’s observation
C. spoke, told the story of that old Dutchman & the Divil
, sworn.— have heard received the impression from some source that & probably one or wto [two] others could not subscribe to all things in the church, and it might make trouble, don’t know of any ones being endanger no one told me the police had received any <​private​> instruction— could not tell of one <​who ever had mentioned the subject to him​>
spoke,— said he had no personal feeling against Warren Smith,— some 2 or 3 years since he sueed [sued] Bro Warren & staid the suit,— &c was suspicious his <​s​> feelings might have risen from that source
C. spoke.—
Warren Smith spoke
spoke.— spoke.—
Mayor spoke. said no one had come to him with tales about <​to prejudice his mind against Him,​> was totally ignorant, of it,— if any thing had been revealed to him he had kept it to himself, I said <​to ​> if any man approach my house with arms or attempt to force open <​disturb my​> my house, I wanted him to take care of him. Never could bring his <​my​> feelings to take revenge on his <​my​> enemies, The council did not concoct the Idea of having a police. the several wards petitioned for it <​a​> police to protect them against, invasion— wanted citizens [p. 38] to pass the streets at any time of night without molestations, but if the police see a man breaking my house or Barn, <​or any body, house or barn​> tell him to stand and enquire his business. Thought it possible some one had been practicing fraud on the police,— & upon individuals,—
<​proposed​> Let [illegible] <​that​> Bro , & W Smith be dropped from the police if the council consent <​lest they scare some body,​>— dont guard house any more.
Men must <​not​> pervert the power entrusted to them. & referred to
does not know that it was a policeman who stopped <​him​> does not know that the police kindled the fire before his house let the police have canes, Let the citizens pass & repass at all times of night
C. spoke. thought the conclusion drawn up by thought <​that​> Joseph or somebody was going <​to​> get revenge by setting the guard to kill , was the most contemptible that could be imagined. and if had had the respect for Bro Joseph he ought to have had, he would not have done it.
<​ and retired.​>
<​Ordered to be erased Jan 16 1844​>
Mayor referred to ’s testimony. thought had better stay at home & hold his tongue, lest rumor turn upon him, <​did not believe there was any rumor of the kind afloat,—​> thought the young men of the had better withdraw from him & let him stand on his own merits, not consider him the standard, <​of for the —​>
There is a system of things which has been from the beginning which this has grown out off.— and from these individuals are those who do not want a police they want to prowl at pleasure.—
C . spoke in objection to dropping the 2 police mentioned by the Mayor
— said the police were in the hands of the Mayor
Gen spoke.
<​Gen said Bro Joseph I am Josephs friend, he has no better friend in the world I am ready to lay down his my life for him & upon that the Mayor and Gen shook hands​>
said the fire was kindled before by by some men from the North part, <​of the ​> and not the policemen
spoke again, exp[r]essed of his good feelings
. Policemen have always had to learn their duty. hoped not one would get up another tempest in a tea pot, C. apologized—
Ordinance concerning the 40 policemen read twice [p. 39]
Mayor objected to assuming the whole entire disposal of the police, beyond the definition of the ordinances—
, spoke, thought the difficulties with W. Smith & was of a private nature, and did not belong to the Council.—
said he could sleep with a fire by his house
On motion of . <​asked​> that the 2 police be retained and <​the police​> recived the thanks of the Council.—
— said W. Smith did not say he would pop a hole through him.— did not say any body would pop a hole through him. never heard such a thing.—
Council adjourned 25 m past 4 P M.
10 January 1844 • Wednesday
January 10th 1844, 7 o clock P. M.
Special Session.— Names of members called,— Mayor stated that , and had called on him from , and told <​him​> that the occasion of the excitement at , and the resistance to the Law in case of the arrest— of Cook was the late ordinance of this council “to prevent ille unlawful search or seizure of person or property by foreign process in the City of ”; that they consi[d]ered said ordinance was desined to hinder the of the statutes in the , by county officers consequently, they. the old citizens felt disposed to stop the execution of processers, issuing from the , in the ,— and also, they raised objections against the process issued by Justice Foster, because it was made returnable to him alone. when the statute required it to be made returnable before himself or some other Justice.—
The mayor explained to the delegation from the nature and reason of the ordinance, that it was to prevent kidnapping under the pretence of law, or process, & to further the apprehension of theives &c in this by throwing the all foreign processers into the hands of the marshall who would be most likely to know the hiding places of fugitives from justice who might seek to secrete themselves in their <​our​> midst.— and if any wrong impression had gone abroad with regard to the motives of the council in passing [p. 40] said ordinance, he would call the council immediately that they might have the opportunity of giving any explanation necessary— so that the public might understand the ordinance in its true light.— and had called the council accordingly.—
The Mayor also referred the Lawyer from to the statute which required all processes issued in cases of Bastardy to be returnable alone to the Justice issuing the same
After Matue Deliberation, the council, an additional section was to the relative to the foregoing ordinance was read 3 times. and passed, by way of
Amendme[n]t. Sec 3d,
Council Adjourned,
13 January 1844 • Saturday
Regular Sission
January 13th. 1844 11 oclock, names of members called,— prayer by ,— Minutes of the 2 last Councils read and approved.— Petition of and four others, for a continuance of water st. &c, Read.— Mayor observed that water Street was continued where the road is now worked.— moved the petition be referred back to the petitioners.— Mayor explained, that he made a contract with & Law, that water street should be where the street is now worked, and the council had sanctioned the same. Mayor instructed the to make a deed to for all the Land opposite said Lot to High water Mark. Referred back to the Petitioners—
An ordinance concer[n]ing the Recording of deeds, read twice,— amendment offered by , the word Recorder erased and “Registry <​of Deeds​>” inserted.— <​also said conveyance shall be null & void,—​> read the third time, as amended. objected to the penalty, Mayor explained. . continued his objections, Mayor spoke,— in favor of the penalty, spoke again, C. , spoke in favor , enquired who would own the land, if not recorded. Mayor explained concerning the statute, on Registry of Deeds read. <​from the​> statues. , spoke, Mayor spoke. spoke [p. 41] spoke again.— offered an amendment, in full, spoke— moved the bill be referred to a <​the standing​> committee and carried.— Mayor spoke.— that the object of an ordinance on Registry was to keep our own papers & not be obliged to send them to ,—
Petition of for an inteligence office, read twice & referred to the committee on Municipal Laws
Petition of Robert Campbell & 72 others, to tax dogs read— spoke in favor— spoke by objection . spoke again in favor.— moved the petition be granted & seconded.— Mayor objected.— said he would never pay a tax on his dog in this ,— Petition laid on the Table.
Petition of & 21 others— for an James John H. Havens to be appointed Inspector of flour— Read, petition granted.—
And on motion James John H Havens was elected 2d inspector of flour in this , to give the same bonds <​and be governed by the same rules​> as <​the​> first inspector— & be sworn in office.—
10 minutes before 2 o clock adjourned one hour
10 minutes before 3 assembled according to adjournment. Names of members called.
Mayor introduced, The ordinance in relation to Merchants Lice[n]se was conversed upon. at considerable length,— and the words “Auctioneers or druggists” were ordered to be inserted in the ordinance Regulating Grocers and Merchants Licenses, passed Dec 16, 1843, immediately after the words Merchants and grocers in the third line on the Record,—
Policemen, Benjamin Boyce, Josiah Arnold, Richard D. Sprague, Howard Egan, Geo W. Clyde,— Davis McOlney , , , Dwight Harding, were sworn to tell the truth the whole truth <​and nothing but the truth​>. in the matter between & & the City Council, and they all testified they had receved no private instruction from the Mayor,
Petition of <​for Retailing spirits​> was called up, and read.— and the Mayor spoke proposing that said petition be granted, [p. 42] on the principle of equal rights,— and on condition the petitioner give bond for security to the that the He keep an orderly house Alderman spoke by way o proposed to disannu[l] the ordinance now in force to rather then take up the time in discussion.— should reci record his vote against granting the peti[tioner] , spoke, against the petition, and requested that the Mayor rather give up the his license than grant more, .— concurred, <​Mayor <​says​> resigned his & <​I​> gave <​give​> up his <​my​> license,—​> and spoke against the petition.
<​Alderman ​> thought there should be one place to sell spirits did wish. to intrude on the Mayors License.— should vote against granting any Licence to retail spirits.—
Mayor said he was willing to give <​up​> his license if that <​was​> thought the best way, but wanted some ordinance passed to prevent drunkards com coming to my <​his​> house to stay over night. <​said​> Id <​he​> give up my <​his​> license. I wont <​would not​> have it any how, since being admonished by father .—
proposed a special committee be appointed to draft an ordinance concerning the sale of spirits.
asked leave to withdraw his petition, had leave, Mayor directed his License be entered as repealed, council decided not.— spoke in favor of the Mayor retaining his license.— spoke, in objection to all Licencences for spirits.— Mayor spoke.— suggested that if Lewis & Butler could have the privilege to retail, he would give up his license, <​& not be obliged to go to .— The council has not the constitutional​>
R. H. Loomis Petition for retailing, read,
power to prohibit the selling by the Large, wanted his fri[e]nds to have the same chance as his enemies, was willing to transfer his License to Lewis & Butler, grant the honorable portion of community, the privilege which the dishonorable take, & I he would call it equal Rights.
, was sorry the Mayor had offered to give up his License.
C. concurred, <​&​> proposed the Mayor continue his License and use Gentlemn Lewis & Butler as clerks.—
concurred— , wished the Mayor might retain his License.
, said if we are to have Licences would think the Mayor the proper person to give Licenc for a certain term [p. 43]
Mayor said the reason why he asked for a Licence were asking was, that others were selling and he wanted the privilege lawfully which others took unlawfully,— was willing to hold my licence if the council says to, & have men appointed in each [wa]rd.— <​Temperance house cannot support, itself, and if any body needs those proffits, I do.​>
— moved an amendment, “or such person or persons as he shall depute” to be added to the Mayors Licence,— proposed an ordinance, proposed <​to​> refere to a committee, spoke in favor of the amendment, referred to the <​a​> committee,— <​, <​Counseller​> —​>
10 min <​before​> 6 adjourned to next Tuesday 10 o clock A M.
16 January 1844 • Tuesday
Adjourned Session. Tuesday, January 16th. 1844.—
24 minutes past 11, names of members called.— Prayer by .— Minutes of last council read and approved.— Petition of <​&​> , concerning s Lot in relation to Water Sts, read & referred to a <​the​> Committee on streets <​Public​>— grounds.—
An ordinance concerning the Registry of deeds read by ,— Read 2d time by Mayor objected to having any thing to do with things out of the . explained.— Mayor explained,— the terms should be explicit.— explained. It is customary in all countries to make exceptions to <​regulation for​> foreign deeds.— Counl made <​took​> exceptions.— to requiring a seal— corrected. no seal required in the .— <​the words​> “or— Justice of the Peace” was inserted on motion.— Mayor objected to saying any thing about qualifications <​of​> out of the .— C. .— thought further investigation necessary.— and noticed the bill lay on the table, for further <​investigation​> and carried.—
Ordinance concerning Report.— An ordinance concerning the sale of spirituous Liquors Read twice by , and Report accepted. Read twice third time by its title & passed.— satisfied with its title. called to the chair Mayors absent.—
read a Report on the petition of ,— Report be accepted.— An ordinance Regulating a City Directory and an Inte[ll]igence officer [p. 44] read— moved and amendment, “5” <​“3”​> be stricken out & “5” inserted spoke and objected to the amendment.—
spoke in favor of the amendment, and moved <​as​> an <​further​> amendment that the whole be under the supervision of the <​city​> council— Counseller [illegible] concurred— ,— spoke of the difficulty of fin<​d​>ing a person in this .— and considered it would be Lucrative business to keep an intelligence office. thought 3 years long enough.— <​spoke​> against the amendmet,— and suggested the addition of a Lithographic map connected with the directory.— making these allowanced, would be in favor of the bill— <​P. Pro tem​> spoke standing.— concerning the papers— of the intelligence office. — spoke.— .— On Motion, , had leave & spoke.— suggested an amendment, “3 full years”— or full years”— spoke 3 again referred to the Map again. , said he should go against the amendmt.— spoke again.— spoke— should go against the bill till let <​it​> was qualified— so as to <​not​> to make it a charter,— thought 5 yea[r]s little time enough.— Question on amendmet Lost,— moved an amendmet,— moved the bill be recommitted <​to the​> & committee & be added to that committee
<​Mayor resumed his seat.—​>
Blank Bond of Read.— Mayor suggested the proprietiey of laying aside all aspers[i]ons in this <​the​> council.— Counselor [illegible] spoke <​spoke​>, considered the bond an insult.— moved <​the Bill be​> referred to a special committee & <​referred​> , & .—
Mayor annoucd [announced] that all difficulties between him & are <​were​> eternally buried up— and I am <​he was​> to be his friend forever. & said I <​he​> will be his friend forever.— <​and his right hand man​> And C. stated that all aspersins which may have been supposed to have been cast of <​on​> — are false a mistake.— tis not so.— Mayor explained at length Respecting what, in substance, he had said at previous councils on the same [subj]ect.— C. P spoke.— spoke, stating his distraction of mind the past week, glad the difficulties are settled shall be his friend as said before <​The Mins observations of the mayor before the council on the 5th inst. concerning — were ordered to be stricken from the Minutes & stricken accordingly.—.​>
Ordinance concerning witness fees, read by .— who explained, Spoke in favor.— , spoke in favor, amendments <​offered & carried​> “criminal cases accepted.— also “Jurors” added, Account of $12.00— $10.50,— Josiah Arnold $10.50, , $12.00. read and allowed. Bill for sundry services read & referred to the committee on Claims.
called to the chair— Mayor absent.— committee [p. 45] reported of <​the​> account of $39.50 be allowed, Report accepted, and account allowed.—
Committee Reported again <​the ordinance​> on the Intelgenc office.— <​with​> amended <​amendment​> Report accepted.—. amended from date, to first of April next.—
Mayor suggested the propriety of having a city att[orney] connected with the Marshall so [illegible] all business may be brought up bef[ore] the aldermen in due form moved the subject be [2 words illegible] a special committee.— carried.—
[illegible] to the [co]mmittee on Municipal laws.
, moved an [am]endment “with a map to be added.”— , expressed doubts, spoke in favor.— proposed it be left to the [illegible] voted the bill pass.— satisfied with title
An ordinance concerning Witness[es] & jurors fees.
Read twice one, sed time by its title.— objected to .50 thought .25 ct sufficient. . objected. — objected.— moved an amendmet of 25. Instead of 50. cts.— Motion lost no second— . approved the bill. approved the bill. approved.— Read thir[d] time & passed 6 minutes before Two adjourned to next regular meting.— [p. 46]


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