Note from Newel K. Whitney, 9 January 1836

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Thus saith the voice of the spirit to me, if thy Brother Joseph Smith jr will attend the feast at thy house this day (at 12 ocl) the poor & lame will rejoice at his presence & also think themselves honored—
Yours in friendship & Love
9th Jany 1836
[p. 102]


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    The modest house of Newel K. and Elizabeth Ann Whitney, located across the road from their store, measured 28½ feet by 25½ feet, with a 20-by-12-foot summer kitchen attached in the rear. (Staker, “Thou Art the Man,” 88.)  

    Staker, Mark L. “‘Thou Art the Man’: Newel K. Whitney in Ohio.” BYU Studies 42, no. 1 (2003): 75–138.