Notice, circa 1 March 1842

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It is highly important, for the forwarding of the , that an equal distribution of labor should be made, in relation to time; as a superabundance of hands one week, and none the next, tends to retard the progress of the work; therefore, every brother is requested to be particular to labor on the day set apart for the same, in his ward; and to remember that he that sows sparingly shall also reap sparingly,—so that if the brethren want a plentiful harvest, they will do well to be at the place of labor in good season in the morning, bringing all necessary tools, according to their occupation; and those who have teams bring them also, unless otherwise advised by the temple committee.
Should any one be detained from his labor by unavoidable circumstances, on the day appointed, let him labor the next day, or the first day possible.
N. B.—The captains of the respective wards are particularly requested to be at the place of labor on their respective days, and keep an accurate account of each man’s work, and be ready to exhibit a list of the same when called for.
The heart of the trustee is daily made to rejoice in the good feelings of the brethren, made manifest in their exertion to carry forward the work of the Lord, and rear his ; and it is hoped that neither planting, sowing or reaping will hereafter be made to interfere with the regulations hinted at above.
Trustee in Trust. [p. 715]