Notice, circa 19 May 1842

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New election of Mayor, and vice Mayor, of the City of , on the resignation of .
On the 17th Inst. General resigned the office of Mayor of the City of , and on the 19th General Joseph Smith, the former vice-Mayor, was duly elected to fill the vacancy: and on the same day General was elected vice Mayor in place of General Joseph Smith elected Mayor.
The following vote of thanks was then unanimously voted to General Benn the Ex-Mayor, , by the City Council; to wit:
Moved <​Resolved by the City Council of the City of ​> that this Council tender a vote of Thanks to Genl. , for his great Zeal in having good and wholesome Laws adopted for the Government of this , and for the faithful discharge of his Duty while Mayor of the same.—
Joseph Smith Mayor.
Passed May 19th. 1842.
, Recorder.
I copied this, & signed the Mayors Name to it by his direction.— [p. [1]]
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    John C. Bennett handwriting begins.  

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    The act incorporating the city of Nauvoo mandated that elections for city offices be held every two years on the first Monday in February. However, the act also allowed the city council to “fill all vacancies that may happen by death, resignation, or removal.” (Act to Incorporate the City of Nauvoo, 16 Dec. 1840.)  

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    JS received eighteen votes for mayor, while William Marks received one. (Minutes, 19 May 1842.)  

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    Hyrum Smith received eighteen votes, while William Marks and Willard Richards each received one. (Minutes, 19 May 1842.)  

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    John C. Bennett handwriting ends; James Sloan begins.  

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    This resolution also appears in Minutes, 19 May 1842.