Notice, circa Late August 1837

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To the brethren and friends of the , I am disposed to say a word relative to the bills of the . I hereby warn them to beware of speculators, renegadoes and gamblers, who are duping the unsuspecting and the unwary, by palming upon them, those bills, which are of no worth, here. I discountenance and disapprove of any and all such practices. I know them to be detrimental to the best interests of society, as well as to the principles of religion.
JOSEPH SMITH Jun, [p. 560]


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    “An apostate from the faith; a deserter; a vagabond.” (“Renegade,” in American Dictionary.)  

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    The fact that disreputable individuals were using the notes of the Kirtland Safety Society in fraudulent schemes is demonstrated by warnings printed in Cleveland newspapers, which mentioned that gamblers and other criminals were trading in Kirtland Safety Society notes. The prevalence of unscrupulous uses for Safety Society notes was also allegedly connected to Warren Parrish, who was elected as the society’s cashier in July 1837 and was later accused of counterfeiting and embezzling. (See “Arrests,” Daily Herald and Gazette [Cleveland, OH], 10 Aug. 1837, [3]; “More Suspensions,” Daily Herald and Gazette, 28 Aug. 1837, [3]; “Beware of the Swindler!,” Huron Reflector [Norwalk, OH], 27 Mar. 1838, [4]; “Argument to Argument Where I Find It,” Elders’ Journal, Aug. 1838, 58.)  

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