Order of Commitment, 11 April 1839 [State of Missouri v. Baldwin et al. for Arson]

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At a Circuit Court begun and held for the County of of the State of on the Eighth day of April Eighteen hundred and thirty nine, at the House of Elisha B Creekmore the Place of holding Courts on <​for​> said ; it Present the Honorable Judge The following proceedings were had to wit—
The State of
vs) Indictment for Arson
Joseph Smith Jr, and others
The of this Court having been Counsel in this cause; and the Parties herein not consenting to a trial herein thereof in this Court; But the said Defendants and Joseph Smith Jr, objecting thereto for the Reason that the of this Court has been of Counsel in this Cause; It is ordered by the Court here that said Cause as to the said , and Joseph Smith Jr be removed to the Circuit Court of the County of in the second Judicial Circuit in this ; It is further ordered by the Court here that the Sheriff of the County of , do and he is commanded to remove the Bodies of the said and Joseph Smith Jr to the Jail of the County of aforesaid and there deliver them to the Keeper of said Jail together with the Warrant or Process by which they are Imprisoned and held—
State of Missouri) SS [scilicet]
County of
I Clerk of the Circuit Court within and [p. [1]] for the County of Aforesaid do Certify that the foregoing is a true, full, and perfect Inventory of Copy of from the Records of said Court in the above Cause—
In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my private seal there being no seal of office provided— At office, the Eleveneth day of April Eighteen hundred and Thirtynine—
Clerk [p. [2]]
this is to cirtify that I executed the within order by takng the bodys of Joseph Smith Jr and and in to my custoday and that I Sumoned a gard of four four men to wit William Bowman Wilson McKinney [McKinny] and John Pope to asist me in taking the Said Smith and others from E B Creekmores in the County of to the town of Columbia in the County of State of as commanded by Said order and that on the way from <​said​> E B Creekmores in the County of to the town of Columbia aforesaid on the 16th day of april 1839 the Smith and others made their escape without the convience [connivance] concent or negligance of myself or gard
July 6th 1839
William Morgan Shereff of [p. [3]]
The State of
vs) Order of Commitment—
and others
You will take their Recognizance for Five hundred dollars Each [p. [4]]


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    Certification in handwriting of William Morgan.  

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    Docket and notation in handwriting of Robert Wilson.