Order of Commitment, 11 April 1839 [State of Missouri v. Gates et al. for Treason]

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This is to Certify that I Executed the within order by taking the Bodies of the within named Joseph Smith into my Custody and that I summond a gard of four men to wit William Bowman Wilson Mckinney [McKinny] & John Page to assist me in taking the said Smith &c from E[lisha] B. Creekmores the place of Holding Court in the County of . to the Town of Columbia in the County of State of as Commandid by said order and that on the way from Said E. B. Creekmores in the County of to the town of Columbia aforesaid on the [blank] day of April 1839 the Said smith &c made there escape without the Conivance concent or negligence of myselfs or said guard July 1— 1839
William Morgan
Sherriff of
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