Ordinance, 1 March 1841–D

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An Ordinance in Relation to public Meetings.
Sec. 1. Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of , That in order to guarantee the Constitutional right of free discussion upon all subject, the Citizens of this , may from time to time, peaceably assemble themselves together for all peaceable, or lawful purposes whatever; and should any person be guilty of disturbing, or interrupting, any such Meeting or assemblage, he shall on Conviction thereof before the Mayor, or Municipal Court be considered a disturber of the public peace, and fined in any sum not exceeding five hundred Dollars, or imprisoned not exceeding six Months or both, at the discretion of said Mayor, or Court.
Sec. 2. Should any person be guilty of exciting the people to riot, or rebellion or of participating in a mob or any <​other​> unlawful riotous or tumultuous assemblage of the people, or of refusing to obey any civil officer executing the ordinances of the City, or the general Laws of the or , or of neglecting or refusing to obey, promptly, any military order for the due execution of said, Laws or ordinances, he shall on Conviction thereof as aforesaid, be fined, or imprisoned; or both as aforesaid.
Sec. 3. This ordinance to take effect and be in force from and after its Passage.
Passed March 1st. 1841.
, Mayor.
, Recorder. [p. 12]