Ordinance, 17 February 1842

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An Ordinance concerning marriages.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of , that all male persons over the age of seventeen years, and females over the age of fourteen years, may contract and be joined in marriage: Provided in all cases where either party is a minor, the consent of parents or guardians be first had.
as is Sec. 2. Any persons, as aforesaid, wishing to marry, or be joined in marriage, may go before any regular minister of the gospel or other person Mayor, <​Alderman​> Justice of the Peace, Judge or other person authorised to solemnise marriages in this , and celebrate or declare their marriage, in such manner and form as shall be most agreeable; either with or without license. license
Sec. 3. All marriages Any person solemnising a marriage as aforesaid shall make return thereof to the City Recorder, accompanied by a fee recording fee of fifty cents, within thirty days of the solemnisation thereof— and it is hereby made the duty of the Recorder to keep an accurate record of all such marriages:
Passed the penalty for a violation of either of the provisions of this ordinance shall be twenty dollars, to be received as other penalties or forfeitures.
, Mayor
<​Passed Feb.y. 17th. 1842.​>
<​, Recorder.​>
<​Entd. page 76.—​> [p. [1]]
Feb.y. 17th. 1842.
An Ordinance Concerning Marriages. [p. [2]]


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