Ordinance, 18 September 1843–A

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An Ordinance concerning the Inspection of Flour in , and for other purposes.
Sec 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of the city of , that there shall be appointed and sworn into office, by this council, once in each year, a suitable person as “Inspector of Flour” for said , and he shall give bond with security of one hundred dollars: That the said Inspector’s duty shall be to inspect and weigh all flour that may be offered for sale within the limits of said ; and that it shall be his duty also to mark or brand the quantity and quality on each barrel, box, bag, or sack that may be brought and inspected at his office, in said .
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained that said Inspector shall, at some convenient place in said , open an office where all flour brought into the for sale can be inspected as before authorized; all flour manufactured at the city mills may be inspected at said Mills; Provided this ordinance shall not be so construed as to include customers’ grists for home consumption. [p. 187]
Sec 3. Be it further ordained that from and after the publication of this ordinance, if any person or persons shall bring into this and expose for sale any quantity of flour not So inspected as before directed, such person or persons so offending, shall forfeit to the use of this such parcel of flour, more or less, and said inspector is hereby authorized to seize the same, allowing the party aggrieved the right of appeal to the Mayors or municipal Court.
Sec 4 Be it further ordained that said Inspector shall receive as fees from the owner of said flour, three cents for every barrel, box, bag, or sack containing or weighing one hundred and ninety six pounds, and at the same rate for greater or less quantity; And for a failure to do his duty he shall forfeit five dollars to be assessed by any Court having competent Authority, and for practicing fraud in said inspection in quantity or quality, he shall forfeit his office, <​and​> any sum not exceeding fifty dollars. to be recovered before any authorized Court.
Passed September 18th. 1843,
Prest Pro. tem.
Ricorder. [p. 188]