Ordinance, 18 September 1843–B

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An ordinan[c]e to authorize the City Constables to execute and enfoce the ordnanes relating to Hogs— & beasts, and to build a pound in the City of
Section 1. Be it ordaind by the City Council of the City of , that from and after the passage of this ordinance, the City constables are, and shall be authorized to execute <​and​> and enforce all ordinances relating to swine and beasts.
Sct 2. And be it further ordaind that they are, and shall be further authorized to build a sutab suitable pound, to confine any beasts acc[o]rding to the requiemets [requirements] of said ordinances; and to do which, they are and shall be authorized to use any money, (not otherwise appropriated) which may be in the Treasury; or they may use the credit of the to effect the said purpose.
Passed September 18[th] 1843
. Pret Pro. Tem—
. Recorder.— [p. [1]]
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