Ordinance, 29 June 1843–A, as Published in Nauvoo Neighbor

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Sec. 1. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of “for the peace, benefit, good order, convenience, cleanliness, health and happiness,” of said agreeable to the Charter of the same, that the City Council, Marshal, Constables and City Watch, are hereby authorized, and empowered, and required, to require all strangers who shall be entering this , or are already tarrying, or may hereafter be tarrying in said , in a civil and respectful manner to give their names, former residence, for what intent they have entered or are tarrying in the , and answer such other questions as the officer shall deem proper or necessary for the good order, health, or convenience of the said ; and for a failure or refusal on the part of strangers to give the desired information, or for giving false names or information, they shall be subject to the penalty of the Ordinance concerning “Vagrants and Disorderly Persons,” passed November 13th 1841.
Sec. 2. And be it further ordained, that the aforesaid authorities of the said , are further authorized and empowered, and required to hail, and take all persons found strolling about the at night, after nine o’clock, and before sunrise, and to confine them in Ward for trial according to the aforesaid Ordinance concerning “Vagrants and Disorderly Persons,” unless they give a good and satisfactory account of themselves, or offer a reasonable excuse for being thus caught out after nine o’clock.
Sec. 3: And be it further ordained that the aforesaid authorities are further authorized, and empowered, and required to require all such persons as they may suspect, to give information whether they have recently had, or have been exposed to any contagious disease or diseases from whence they come, under the same penalties as are annexed to the two preceding sections of this Ordinance.
Sec. 4. And be it further ordained, that the aforesaid authorities are further authorized, and empowered, and required to enter all hotels, or houses of public entertainment, and such other habitations as they may judge proper, and require the inmates to give immediate information of all persons residing in said hotel or habitation, and their business, occupation or movements; and for a failure, non-compliance, or false information, their license shall be a forfeit, if it be a public house, and they, and the transient persons subject to the penalties of the th[r]ee preceding sections.
Sec. 5. And be it further ordained, that if any of the aforesaid officers shall refuse, or neglect, to do their duty as required by this Ordinance, they shall be fined one hundred dollars, and be broke of office.
Sec. 6. This Ordinance to take effect and be in force, from and after its passage.
, Prest. pro tem.
Passed June 29th, 1843.
, Recorder. [p. [2]]