Pay Order to Nauvoo City Treasurer for Shadrach Roundy, 1 June 1843

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The of the City of , will pay eight dollars and seventy five Cents, out of any funds in the City Treasury not otherwise appropriated, which sum is the balance due him as Captain of the City Watch up to this date, & was this day allowed him by the City Council of said . Given <​& Certified,​> at the City of , Ills., & under the Corporation Seal of said , this first day of June 1843.—
, Recorder.
Joseph Smith
Mayor [p. [1]]
< crd to Temple Committe
Nov 14— 1843> [p. [2]]


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    On 11 March 1843, Shadrach Roundy presented a certificate to the council certifying that he, Henry G. Sherwood, and Alexander Mills had worked 8 nights as city watch and requested payment of twelve dollars each. This claim was ordered to “stand over” until the mayor was present. At the 1 June 1843 council meeting, when JS was present, Roundy, Sherwood, and Mills were each allowed twelve dollars. A notation in the minutes indicates that separate orders were issued that day. $3.25 was deducted for Roundy and Sherwood, leaving a sum of $8.75. The transaction was recorded in the Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger on 26 December 1843. (Claims from Shadrach Roundy and Others, 23 Feb. 1843; Nauvoo City Council Rough Minute Book, Nov. 1842–Jan. 1844, 12, 17; Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger, 70; see also Pay Order to Nauvoo City Treasurer for Henry G. Sherwood, 1 Jun. 1843.)  

    Nauvoo City Treasury Ledger, 1842–1845. Nauvoo, IL, Records, 1841–1845. CHL. MS 16800.

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    TEXT: Embossed seal, “CORPORATION SEAL of CITY of NAUVOO 1840”.  

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    Signature of JS.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of William Clayton.