Petition from A. W. Whitney and Others, 25 February 1843

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To the Mayor and City Council of the City of Greeting.
We the undersigned petitioners Citizens of would respectfully represent that we are desirous that Knight Street should be opened from the Temple Square East to <​the​> Corporation line or to ;s whichever shall be thought by the Mayor and Council most condusive to the public good We your petitioners believe it would be for the public good to have it opened to the corporation line and that from the location of said Street it can be done at a small expense and that this street would soon become one of the leading or principal thoroughfares for travelers to pass through the that in Consequence of its not being opened makes to the detriment of individuals and against the prosperity of the and on account of its peculiar location to accommodate travellers we your Petitioners pray that it may be opened immediately at the expense of the and your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.
February 25th. AD 1843.
Subscribers names Subscribers names
A W. Whitney Wm W Rust
Warren Smith Caleb W Lyons
Abraham Hoover
John P Smith Gustavus Williams
George W. Crouse David Bryant
Phares Wells
Levi Fifield
Hanson Walker Michael Griffeth
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Jeremiah Curtis
Thomas. W. Treat P Colton
Moses Tracy
Philemon C Merrill N. T. Giman [Noah Guyman]
Enoch Burns Wm Campion
Thomas Lanyon
John parry A. P. Murray
Alonzo King John A. Forgeus
Joseph Fisher Benjn. Brown
John Bair
J[ames] M. Flack
Chester P Willm.
David Wilding
Charles N Hales
Jerome Bishop
Amos Mcbride
John Richards
Samuel Eggleston.
James Field
Daniel Shearer
Norman B Shearer
B F Call
William Parsons
A. C. Earl
W W Edwards
C[harles] Warner
John Winn
Pelatiah Brown
Daniel S Cahoon
William T Cutler
Laertes Newell
Lowell Dart
<​No 1​>
<​To be opened so far as ’s farm​> [p. [3]]
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    Signatures of petitioners.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.