Petition from Albert P. Rockwood and Others, 18 July 1842

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City of July 18th, 1842.
To the Mayor, Alderman <​Aldermen​> and Counselors of the City of .—
The undersigned citisons of the City of — ask leave to represent to your honourable body, that we belive the health of the is verry much impuned, by <​in​> consequence of the many rafts of logs, Wood, timber &C. that are suffered to lay in the edies, coves and along the for weeks and months; which couses stagnent water, which when stired by hawling or other ways causes produses a verry offensive affluva [effluvia] which injurieous to health— besides it verry much impeads navigation of flat Boats, Skifts &C which are almost constantly passing and repassing——
We therefore request that your honourable body to take immeduate measuers to protest [protect] the against the evle; by passing an Audinense [Ordinance] to that effect. As in duly [duty] bound will ever Pray.
Nelson Turner
Wm. R Helm Levi Allred
David P. Rainey John H Powers
Alexander Lyon Solon Powers
Levi L Skinner
John Sweat H B M Jolley
Eli Lee
Thomas L Munjar Alfred Lee
George C. Wilson Jackson Smith
Guy C. Wilson Patrick Norrris [Norris]
Samuel Fowler Nahum Benjamin
Erastus Dodge
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Johnson G Bentley Seth Jackson
Josiah James Wm Oaks
Benjn. Sweat David Jenkins
Ormond Butler
Jacob Johnson John Thorp
Jacob h Johnson James Spencer
An[thony] head. Richard Withnell
Geo Middagh
John H Lyons Nathan Cheney
Francis Lee Joseph Aldridge
Chester Southworth John Baus[h]
Horace S Rawson H[enry] L, Moore
W[hitford] G, Wilson
Joseph Dudley Daniel Cathcart
Charles Hulett
Jacob G Bigler
Peter Hopkines [Hopkins]
Allen Taylor Calob Lions [Caleb Lyons]
O D Hovey
Luther V Burklow
Welcome Chapman Lewis Leigler
David W Wright Newman G Bladget [Blodget]
Worthy Clark Daniel Cahoon
John Aitkin Andrew Smith
Lorenzo D Driggs Samuel hodge
Lewis Hyde John Drysdale
Lyman Curtis
George Ritche
Charles L Lewis John Keown
James Standing
Abel Prior
Henry Kearns Wm. Higbee
Nahum Curtis
Franklin Green
David Jones Wm Anderson
[p. [2]]
Younger M Causlin
Allen Weeakes [Weaks]— Eleazar [Eleazer] King Jr
Enoch M. King
Alvin Winegar William Jenkins
Francis Clark
William Player Elijah Newman
James Pall
Joseph W. Pierce H. M Alexander
E[than] M Kimball
A Stephens J S Canfield
Georege [George] gates Wm Scott
John Higbee
John Haslam A[lvin] M. Harding
William Greenhalgh
Samuel Henderson
David Wilding Daniel S Thomas
Lucius Merchants Henry Oaks
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Noah T Guymon
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    Other Illinois cities had passed laws to remove driftwood for navigational purposes. (See, for example, An Act to Establish and Maintain a General System of Internal Improvement [27 Feb. 1837], Public and General Statute Laws of the State of Illinois [1834–1837], p. 359, sec. 18; An Act to Authorize James P. Morris to Remove Obstructions in Cahokia Creek [25 Feb. 1841], Laws of the State of Illinois [1840–1841], p. 214; An Act to Improve the Navigation of the Kaskaskia River [27 Feb. 1841], Laws of the State of Illinois [1840–1841], pp. 215–218; and An Act to Remove Obstructions to the Navigation of the Little Wabash River, and for Other Purposes [27 Feb. 1841], Laws of the State of Illinois [1840–1841], pp. 219–220.)  

    The Public and General Statute Laws of the State of Illinois: Containing All the Laws . . . Passed by the Ninth General Assembly, at Their First Session, Commencing December 1, 1834, and Ending February 13, 1835; and at Their Second Session, Commencing December 7, 1835, and Ending January 18, 1836; and Those Passed by the Tenth General Assembly, at Their Session Commencing December 5, 1836, and Ending March 6, 1837; and at Their Special Session, Commencing July 10, and Ending July 22, 1837. . . . Compiled by Jonathan Young Scammon. Chicago: Stephen F. Gale, 1839.

    Laws of the State of Illinois, Passed by the Ninth General Assembly, at Their First Session, Commencing December 1, 1834, and Ending February 13, 1835. Vandalia, IL: J. Y. Sawyer, 1835.

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    The next year, in 1843, an English visitor to Nauvoo noted that “the number of flat boats” on the Mississippi River was “almost inconceivable.” (Aitken, Journey up the Mississippi River, 33; see also Hall, The West, 95–104, 166–179, 202–225.)  

    Aitken, W. A Journey up the Mississippi River, from Its Mouth to Nauvoo, the City of the Latter Day Saints. Ashton-under-Lyne, England: John Williamson, 1845.

    Hall, James. The West: Its Commerce and Navigation. Cincinnati: H. W. Derby, 1848.

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