Petition from Benjamin Warrington and Others, circa 29 December 1843

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Decr. 29, 1843.
Petition of & 56 others to open part of the Mullholland St. [p. [1]]
To the Honorable Citty Council of we the undersighned petitioners Desirous of promoting the General good of and vicinity Humbly pray your Honorable body to order a part of the Street Called Mulholland St opened as far East as the Corporation line and by So Doing benefit those whose land it intersects and Confer a favor on the Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray
D. S. Williams
A D Boynton D. R. Williams
Benjamin Aber
Andrew Colton Isac Nelson
William Hartley Horole Fish
Elliot Hantrell
James Procter Edson H. Barney
John Daley [Daily]
Seth Palmer
Thomas Nelson
Samuel G. Smith Thomas Jones
Ira Clothier Daniel Burch Snr
A J Clothier Daniel Burch
H Houghland Henry E Lamoreaux
Ebenezer Jennings Joseph S Scofield
John Frodsham John Haven
Samuel Steele
J Barnes Anson Beach
T[ruman] R Barlow
Rufus Beach
Abel Lamb
Demmon Cornish
Edward Cutherbertson
Joseph Warne
[p. [2]]
S[amuel] O. Holmes
Hugh McClelan
W[illiam] Pitt
Irerean Van dusen
Wm Powers
Levi C Stringam
G W Boyde
<​Petition granted​>
<​Dec 29, 1843.—​> [p. [3]]
[page [4] blank] [p. [4]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.  

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    Signatures of petitioners.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of Willard Richards.