Petition from David Clough and Others, 11 February 1842

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Feb 11. 1842
To the Honorable City Council
The undersigned Citizens of , being aware that Wells Street, which runs from the Temple due North to the , by being opened and wrought, would subserve the Public good & especially the Northern part <​of the ​> is densely settled, we do therefore respectfully petition your Honorable Body, that the above named Street may be worked to the as soon as practicable.
Your Humble Petitioners
David Clough John H Powers
Jeremiah Robey Erastus Dodge
A[lexander] S. Stanley John P. Herr
[illegible] F. Abbott Harvey I. Moore
John H. Roberts George C. Wilson
Solon Powers
William Pool Guy C. Wilson
Stephen Shelton John Thorp
L[uman] A Shirtliff William Millard
Miles Romney David Garlick
John Anders Joseph B Hawks
John F. Wakefield
Noah Rogers total— 32
John M McCaul
William Munjar
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<​Comittee of Improvements​>


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    Signatures of petitioners.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.