Petition from George W. Crouse and Others, circa 9 March 1844

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To the Honerable Mayor. Alderman & Councillors of the City of — Greeting
The undersigned citizens of said respectfully represent that they are deeply interested in the improvement and advancement of said — that the great desideratum of your petioners is to promote the prosperity of said — to enhance the value therof and to facilitate its progress to distinction and wealth—
Your petioners would therefore most respectfully represent to your Honerable Body that they deem it essential to the prosperity of said — to the convenience and happiness of the Citizens thereof to have Knight Street laid out and opened through to the Eastern Boundery line of said and to pray your Honorable Body will in its wisdom so ordain— as your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray
Geo W. Crouse
J[ames] M. Flack
William Spotswoods John Bills
A. Simpson Jacob Shumaker
Daniel Curry
Issac Houston R. A. Goodwin
Lyman Hinman
Joseph Busby William Green
Henry Denison
Anson Call B. H. Young.
[p. [1]]
March 9, 1844
Petition to open Knight Street
<​not granted​> [p. [2]]
James Beavan Augustus Dodge
Asher Baldwin S[amuel] M. Marr
John Spotswood James Eames
W[illiam] W. Higbee
John Kelley
Miles Anderson Willard Miller
Rob. Johnson Henry L Cook
Neihum Knight Levi Empy
Samuel Driggs
Cheney Harvey H Hoagland
Justin T Merrill
O. Y. Hutchinson
Chas Price
Walter Clark
Andrew Ballantyne Pharas Wells
William Bell Edson Barney
Alexander Hill Juner M[oses] J Gardner
Milton Beebe
George Wm. Fowler
A. E. Miles D Markham
Joseph Parmer A Mills
J C Blandin P. C. Merrill
Wm. H Smith Jun J
John Y Green Amos S Chase
Alanson Burgess
Henry Hills Edwin R Cutler
Blakely B Anderson Benj Soule
Jas A Eastin Jerome Bishop
Ebenezer Jennings
E C Hodges A Colton
Sterling G Griggs
Andrew Smith
Dustin Arny
Calvin P. Williams Nelson, Millet
[p. [3]]
[p. [4] blank] [p. [4]]
Wm Midgate
Wm W Dryer T S Lanyon
John Ritchie J G. Sheffield
Thos. Kenton Frs Pullin
Jacob Morris William Hartley
J P Hillman A. M. Harding
John Fordham
Archibald Montgomery
P Colton
Seth Palmer Ira Clothier
C[harles] Warner Christian Southworth
Thos S Edwards Amos Lowen
George Moore William Allen
John M Chidester J B Stoddard
Joseph H Foster
Edward W Ivins
R, D, Sprague
R. H. Loomis
G. Bigelow Jesse Nichols
Wandle Mace Merit Rockwell
James Bird B W Rolfe
Jeremiah Mobey S. Pinkham
C. D. Stevens
Hiram Spencer
Welcome Chapman David Brinton
Wm Holdridge
R. A. Russell
[p. [5]]
[p. [6] blank] [p. [6]]
Josephus Hatch Daniel D. Williams
Jeremiah Hatch Jr
William T. Haight
[p. [7]]
[p. [8] blank] [p. [8]]
Raymond Clark Henry Packard
John M. Hill Robt Pierce
A. W. Whitney
James Bird Sam Gully
E[lijah] Newman Warren Smith
H M Alixandria
D B Haight
T Boardman
Asahel Perry
Charles F. Gill
William Gore
[p. [9]]
The petition to which <​this​> is to be appended will be found at S M Marrs store the petition is simply to open Knight Street through to the corporation line on the Eastern Boundary of this
<​March 9th 1844​>
<​Read &, referred to the committee​>
<​Unfavorable— and report accptd— June 10 1844,— to be laid on the tab[l]e indefenetaly—​> [p. [10]]


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