Petition from George W. Hickerson and Others, 30 December 1841

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To the honorable Alderman and counsellors of the City of
Gentleman having understood that there has been a petition presented to your honorable body to open water street to the limits of the east. we your petitioners can not see any particular advantage it would be to the public at present. as it runs runs only two blocks south of parley street and parallell with it. it also will materialy ingure some Individuals. we therefore petition that the street may not be opened at this time and we your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray——
December 30th 1841
G[eorge] W. Hickerson
C[harles] W. Hubbard
Jordan P hendrikson
Simeon hendrikson
Lindsey A brady
Barlow wilson
Lewis Robbins
Albern Allen
Elisha Edwards
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<​This was presented To the Committee before <​to​> whom the Petn for opening Water St was referred Jan.y. 1st 42.— who reported in favour of this remonstrance​>
<​This Report recd from the Select Committee, & <​it was​> accepted & Adopted 12th Feby. 1842.—​>
Feb 12. 1842
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