Petition from Henry G. Sherwood and Others, 10 April 1843

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To the Honble—
the City council in and for the city of
The undersigned, Citizens of said — would humbly represent to your Honorable body— that Betsey Foot— widow of Reuben Foot deceased— was left in poss[ess]ion of a small piece of land within the said — through which Warsaw Street has been laid out and opened <​through​> the <​the​> said land length ways so as to leve it in Narrow strips very much to her damage— and also that Lumbard street is calculated to be opened through and across her said lands, which will nearly— if not intirely ruin her in the scanty means for a support— as she is yet in debt to the amount of ten or twelve dollars for the said land
Therefore we your petitioners would ask of your honorable to pass some resolution for her relief in the case, so for as Justice and Equity would be her due— and we will Ever pray— April 10th 1843—
<​laid on the Table.)​>
<​April 15th. 1843.—)​> [p. [1]]
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    Signatures of Henry G. Sherwood, Lewis Dunbar Wilson, and Thomas Grover.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.