Petition from John M. Finch and Others, circa 15 April 1843

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To the Honerable Members of the City Council of the City of
We the undersigned petitioners do humbly pray your honerable body to order the street opened running from Young street North one half mile from said Young street the said street which your petitioners pray to have opened is laid down in the City Plat and called Brigham street and your petitioners who live back North of young street are much incommoded for the want of an opening or outlet to some public street and therefore pray to have said Brigham street opened one half mile North of said Young street and your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray
Israel Bowen
Jon. Tayler Wm Field
A, M, Harding Henry Denison
David Johnson
John Henderson
B. R. Bentl[e]y Alanson Walker
Abraham Bond Wm [illegible]
Newman G Blodget[t] T W Treat
George Nurse
Thares Well
Alexr Hill
H[enry] Benner Wm W Rust
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Isaac Nelson
Ethan Barrows
Salmon Warner
Benjamen Taylor
. John Cole
George D Van Beck
Asher Baldwin Henry Royle
G S Clark David Clark
William Clark William Spe◊◊◊◊
Richard Barlow
John Ballantyne Peter Fife
Henry Lamerea[ux] Thomas Corbet
Truman R. Barlow Duncan McIntyre
D Goddard George Spears
Mason Thompson. Richard Clark
Hiram Mace Elliot Hartwell
Joseph. S. Scofield H Tate Carthage road
Thomas Nelson
Lorenzo Brown
Levi Fifield
Jno N Spaulding
[p. [2]]
Entertainment Laban Morrill
Entertainment William Garner
Entertainment John Knight
Entertainment Adam Ekersley
Entertainment Richard Slater
E Henry Parker
J S Johnston
William Stanley
Allen Taylor
William M Allred
John Atston
John McIlwrick
James Eames
James Moffett
Mrs. B Baty
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    Notations of “Entertainment” in unidentified handwriting.  

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    Notations of “Fundamental” in unidentified handwriting.