Petition from John Taylor and Others, 11 March 1843

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March 11, 1843
To his Worshipfull the Mayor, & the Honorable, City Council of the City of , in council assembled.
We, the undersigned petitioners, and proprietors of lots in Granger Street beg leave respectfully to represent to your honorable body, that we are desirous of having Granger Street made <​twenty feet​> wider ten feet to be allowed from the lots on each side of the street.
We would further represent to your honorable body that we whose names are attached are perfectly willing to make this allowance on their <​our​> part for the improvement of Granger St.
Your petitioners do not wish to interfere with houses that are allready built; but to allow those that may project over the contemplated <​line​> to remain untill the proprietors see fit to remove them, and also to allow those who have fences made one year to remove the same
We therefore pray your Honorable body to pass an ordinace, ordering Granger St to be made twenty feet wider than the original survey: ten feet to be allowed from the lots on each side of the street, that those who have houses on the street may have the priviledge of mooving them at their discretion, that those who have fences made have one year to remove them; but that all improvements that shall hereafter be made shall be put ten feet back from the original survey. And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray
Wm Davis
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Ezra Parrish
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