Petition from Jonathan Taylor and Others, 10 February 1842

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To the City Council of the City of
Gentleman we the undersi[g]ned petitioners wish your honorable body to take into consideration the opening of the street running between Charl[e]s Hubbard Tailor and Benty from parley street South to Lumber street and we your petitioners as in Duty bound will ever pray
Feb[r]uary the 10th 1842
[illegible] St◊◊lin G D
B. R. Bently [Benjamin R. Bentley]
Enos Fry Joseph armuth
C[harles] W. Hubbard
Uriel Driggs
Samuel Driggs Hugh Mccllelen
L D Driggs Edward Gabbot
John Rigby
Samuel S Parker Wm Blackhurst
Samuel Parker Thomas Rawcliffe
Richard Rushton Edward Corless
Alfred Randall George Colemere
Harmon Cutler Jhon Colemere
Almon Newell Jhon Thomas
James H. Aldridge Abraham Washburn
Jackson Goodale
Albern Allen Joseph Fisher
Philo Allen S F Driggs
Gideon Allen Henry Morton
Bradl[e]y B Wilson Bushrod Wilson
[p. [1]]
<​Presented by .—​>
<​referred to Committee on Improvements ​>
<​No. 1​>
<​Rich St—​>
<​See report of Feb.y. 26th, & brought in Mah 5th 42.—​> [p. [2]]


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    Signatures of petitioners.  

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    Endorsements in handwriting of James Sloan.