Petition from Josiah Butterfield and Others, 1 May 1844

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To the honorable the city counsel of the city of Whereas your honorable body has granted the Extension of green Street beyond the surveyed limits to Kiggins Line we your petitioners therfore would humbly pray you honorab honorable body to grant the opening of said Street two blocks North from young Street. thence East to the main street running north past s— and your petitioners as in duty bound will Ever pray City of May 1st. 1844
Names Names
Rufus Beach
Hiram Marr Debois C Godard
J Wm Mathes Abel Lamb
James McDonald) Moses Olmstead
John Allan) W.m Batson William Brewster
Jacob peart
Nicholas Nixon) John Peart
James HaslamCharls Norhill Wm. Milam
John Johnston)D Batsonford Joseph Murdock
Thomas Steed) Jamie Bootsford Levi Thornton
Joseph Bostock) C A Beck
John Tranter) J D Burkes Nichlas Robson
Edwin Booth) Wm Box Samuel R. Aiken
La, F, Knight) John Wood Samuel R Aikenn Jr
G G Scofild James Grobott Nahum Ward
Thomas Crooks W Player Abraham Hoagland
James Crooks Charles Player Stephen Winchester, Jr
George Crooks Joseph Egbert Stephen Winchester sen
Jothon Everts Morgan L Gardner John Wootton
H G Lamoreaux S W Condit
George W Nurse Joseph Thompson
John Haven A. P. Murray
Charles H Hales
[p. [1]]
Stephen Hales Jr.
John Ellis
Cyrus A Mead
William Williams
Thos Williams
William Clark
James Wallham
Abraham Bond
Benjn Vickery
Herman McGee
George S Van Beck
Justin J Merrill
Ebenezer Jennings
J C Blandin
C C Jacobs
Francis Pullin
James Worthington
<​Filed with Re[c]order​>
<​May 10— 1844​>
<​Petition of & <​51​> other​>
<​Recd. June 8th 1844​>
<​Laid on tabl​> [p. [2]]


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    Signatures of petitioners.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of Willard Richards.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of Willard Richards.