Petition from Nathan Cheney and Others, 4 April 1842

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Aprile the 4th 1842—
To the honourable, the Council for the City of Greeting W[h]ereas an Ordinance has been passed by your honourable Body disanulling wells in the Streets— therefore we the undersigned petitioners would hum[b]ly represent to your honourable body <​that​> the proprieters of the well dug in the street at the Junction of Patrige [Partridge] Street with Carloss Street were informed that it was counciled by Lieutenanant Jeneral Joseph Smith for the Citizens to dig wells as fast as possible as there was much sickness in the — And where one was not able, for several to Join and dig wells as there were many of that class amongst us who were expelled from the above being of that number and quite destitute and understanding that such had <​been​> practiced in as well as other towns and Citys they therefore united & sunk a well in the above named streets— This is therefore to petition & pray unto your honourable Body that <​you​> will take the above case in to consideration and as ma[n]y poor & needy are suplyed with water from said well and the proprietors are yet unable to dig wells for them selves that peradventure your honerable Body may deem it wisdom to grant that the above named well may remain 18 months untill we they shall have time to dig others—
We your petitioners in duty bound will ever pray
Nathan Cheney Whitford G Wilson
Horace S Rawson Charles Hulett [Hulet]
Prudence Barkdull
Joseph Dudley Judson Stoddard
Joseph B Hawks
Eli Gee
Jacob H Johnson Sen Henry Ooaks [Oaks]
Francis Lee
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Jacob Johnson Abraham Stevens
William Earl Caroline Murdock
Harvy Omsead [Harvey Olmsted] Merit Rockwell
Eli Weed Horace Rockwell
Reuben Oaks Sarah Rockwell
Joseph Remington Matthew Manfield
Edmond Nelson
Noah T Guyman Charlotte Carter
Daniel Allen
Charles McGary
Daniel S Thomas


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