Petition from Philemon Merrill and Others, 3 February 1842

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To the honorable City Council of the City of
We the undersi[g]ned petitioners do reqest and pray You to take into consideration the bad affects of unruly Swine running at Large in the Streats of this as more or liss [less] damage is daily sustained by the inhabitants—o[w]ing to the breaking in of <​Swine​> to yards, Cribs & Gardens— and more or less of all that is practicable that comes <​with​> in there way— &c.— therefore we pray Your honorable body to annact [enact] such Laws and the time for there affect as you may think propper for the owners of all Swine to keepe them shut up uppon there own premmasis or in some other place— so that they may not be parmitted to run at Large if so— the owner <​owner​> there of <​are​> to pay such finnes— and damages as you may think propper to affix under such penalties &c. and thus we Subscribe our names— as petitioners
City of Feb the 3. 1842
J[ohn] Bills Philemon Merrill
Philander Colton
Perregrin[e] Sessions Henry Sprague
Jas Carroll S. B. Merrill
Horace Evans B[enjamin] R. Bentley
John Thomas Elisha Edwards
Jas. Graham
Charles Wheeler Franklin Green
John Pickles Phares Wells
James Randall
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Andrew J Clothier Solomon Freeman
Chas. Warner Joseph Aldrich
David Sessions Joshua Umsted
Johnathan Bighimer Willson Kelly
A[ndrew] Colton John Simonton
John M MCaul Ebenezer Jennings
Reuben C Hendricks Lewis Willson
Allen Taylor .
Josiah Arnold Simeon Thayer
Joseph Egbert
Edwin D Wells
Knowlton Hanks
Carlos Philander J Perry Henry C. Chase
P. T. Rolfe. Francis Clark
L H Roundy N. K. Night
J. P. Hendrixson George Slater
Asahel Perry Henry Oaks
Chester Phillips Alonso King
H T Chipman
Chester Southworth
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O D Hovey Reuben P. Hartwell
J W Johnson
Robert Maxton
Joshua Smith John Luce
Stephen Marcum
Seth. Dodge
Wm. Gregory Charles Hulett
Samuel Henderson Augustus Dodge
Lorenz DeWaggon Gehial Hildreth
William L Woodward
Joseph G. Hovey
<​refd. to Committee on Municipal Laws. —Feb.y. 12th. 42.—​>
<​Joseph Smith​>
<​/Entd/​> [p. [5]]
Petn. as to Swine.
<​Presented Feb.y. 12th 42.​> [p. [6]]


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