Petition from Samuel Bent and Others, 17 January 1843

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We the undersi[g]ned, inhabitents of the City of , feeling d[e]sirous of having the Street opened running on the North line of land & land, runing East through the Widow Batys farm & from thence to the Prair[i]e, in accordance with the report of Your Commitee which the City Councill sent to view & run & lay out on said line.—— We Your humble petitioners pray Your honourable bodey to is[s]ue an order to have said Street opened forthwith; because we Your petinoners have no way of getting out to the Praire. therefore we are in duty bound & will ever pray.— January the 17th. 1843.
Joseph G Hovey
John Thorp
Horace Wild Thos Winkless
Benjamin R. Lamb John Winn
Daniel M Burbank William Munjar
A. A. Timmons Horace Rawson
Lee Allred David Clough
Alonzo King [illegible] Forsyth
Thom T Munjar Erastus Dodge
Jacob Earl Truman Gilbert
William Head Jacob Johnson
Joseph C. Aldridge g[e]orge W, Clyde
Chester Southworth Ahiro Young
James Bracken Davis Mc.Olney
Henry Palmer
Henry Jolley A[ugustus] Dodge
William Brown Eleazer King Sen
thommas Franklin Noah Rogers
George Thorp Chandler Rogers
Eleazer King Jr Benja. Sweat
Orlando D Th◊◊◊◊ Noble Rogers
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    Signatures of petitioners.  

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    Endorsement, written sideways in the left margin, in handwriting of James Sloan.