Petition from Samuel Henderson and Others, circa 9 April 1842

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April 9th 1842.
To the Honorable the City Council of the City of .
The Petition of The Undersigned
Most humbly Sheweth.
That Petitioner Samuel Henderson and others, dug a Well some time since, in the Centre at the crossing of two Streets where said Henderson, Benjamin Clapp, Isaac Al[l]red, & Wilkinson Hewitt now reside, situate on the first Street West of Wells Street, the Water of which is of the best quality.
That one of said Streets is now altogether impassable with a Horse, or Waggon, & it is with much difficulty that the other of said Streets can be travelled upon, so that there is very little recourse of Horses Cattle or Waggons upon said Streets, besides, that there are Streets sufficiently good & passable in that part of the , without the necessity of using the Streets at present, whereon said Well is Dug. And in as much as the present Season of the year, is not the most fit and proper Time to Dig a Well, so as to insure Water in a dry Season, & as <​such of your​> Petitioners who are most benefitted by the use of said Well, have not the means of digging a Well at present, and would suffer much inconvenience, & loss, by being obliged to go a great distance for Water, and even then not yet good Water, by which their Health would be endangered. They Pray your Honorable Body to permit said Well to remain open for their Use, (as it serves for the use of a great number of Families) until they have opportunity of digging a Well <​or Wells,​> in the driest Season of the year, & before the ensuing Winter. And Petitioners as in duty Bound will Pray.—
Petitioners Names. Petitioners Names.
Isaac Allred Noah Rogers
Samuel Henderson Chandler Rogers
Mary Clapp John Adams,
Sarah Mcclure Samuel H Rogers
James Holt
R P Baldwin Jacob Johnson
Wilkeson Huitt Eli Weed
Hironimus Omstead
John Bair
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Petitioners Names. Petitioners Names.
<​Subscribers Name​>
Stephen Byington John Cairns
George Middough Prudance Fairchile
R F hicks
Willim B Hicks Samuel W Henderson
Abiel Strickland Daniel Cathcart
Maria Torrey
Stephen Shelton
James Hendricks
Lewis Lane
John B. Walker
Eleazer King Jr
Alonso King
Eleazer King
John M King
Elisha Averett
Jn And◊◊◊◊◊
Thomas Richmond
Alvin Winegar
Andrew J Higbee
Henry Maltom
John Drysdale
E R Cutler
Stephen Hales Jr.
Daniel Cahoon
Jacob G. Bigler
John H. Lyons
Caleb W Lyons
George Gates
S[tephen] B Foot
C W Hall
The City Council Meet upon [illegible] Second Saturday in Every Month


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    Docket in graphite in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Docket in graphite in handwriting of James Sloan.