Petition from Thomas Rich and Others, 23 February 1842

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To the honorable City Council of the City of
Gentleman we your undersi[g]ned petitioners pray your honorable body to opon [open] Kimble Street from Hibbards East line to s West line as it will be a great accommodation to persons living on said Street &c
Febuary the 23rd 1842
Stephen. Winchester. Jr
Allen T Stout
J S Johnston
Alphonso Green
Lewis Robison
Hiram Payton
Uriel G. Driggs
S F Phippon
S G Driggs
L D Driggs
J Ashton
Levi Stewaed [Stewart]
Wm. L Stewart
U, V. Stewart
Elisha Edwards
James H Aldridge
Jared Porter
Abram Bond
John McIlwrick
Harmon Cutler
Newman G Blodget
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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of John C. Bennett.