Petition from William Law and Wilson Law, circa 14 May 1842

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To the Honbl. <​the Mayor​> and City Council of
We your Petitioners by the privilege of erecting butments and Piers in the between Locust Street and the next street North, for the indispensible use and Convenience of the Steam mill Now being Erected between the above named streets on the edge <​beach​> your Petitioners beg to represent thus Such piers and butments <​not infringing upon the Rights of the Ferry.—​> With Respect
<​May 14th 1842.​>
<​refd To Committee of public Works who reported favourably, which was​>
<​No 8.—​> [p. [1]]
[page [2] blank] [p. [2]]


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    Insertion in handwriting of James Sloan.  

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    Signatures of William Law and Wilson Law.  

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    Endorsements in handwriting of James Sloan.