Preamble and Resolutions, 14 January 1845, Draft

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Your Committee Respectfully report That Whereas, The City Council of the City of have presented to this meeting a Preamble & Sundry Resolution Setting forth the fact that, enemies to the people of this & as we believe enemies to the common welfare of the people of this are attempting to get up extensive popular excitement, prejudicial to this people & the at large; & whereas said resolutions set forth an unqualified reprobation of all unlawful & villainous conduct whether under the false color of mormonism or the real guise of mobbers blacklegs bogus makers, thieves or murderers, therefore we hereby express our perfect conccurrence in the Said Preamble & resolutions.
2nd <​and​> Whereas, the Warsaw Signal & the Alton Telegraph & Some other <​public​> Prints and the Quincy whig have been <​as we believe​> industriously engaged in circulating falsehood, disseminating discord & the principles of mobocracy & whereas mormon extermination theft pillage robbery & murder have received both countenance & apology in these scurrilous prints as we believe & whereas the pen of murderers as we believe the pen of murderers has been occupied the columns of these papers in order to cover up the guilt of murderers <​deafen the cries of innocent blood that ascends to heaven for vengeance.​> lest the cry of innocent blood Should bring their guilt to light.
And whereas a large share of the thefts spoken of and blazed through the land are wholly without existence when traced out as appears not only from the instance recorded in the s message concerning Horse stealing but from other <​similar​> instances too numer[ou]s to mention. And whereas it has been zealously reported that much Stolen goods could be traced [p. [1]] traced to but and that no citizen could enter our to search for thieves & stolen goods because the thief & goods would be screened from detection by the mormon fraternity & the person in search would be in jeopardy of his life; and wherea[s] thieves & Counterfeiters have in some instances fled to our either under the mistaken apprehension that we would screen them or from a malignant design design to palm upon us their own crimes & thereby draw us under the lash of persecution, & whereas it can be proved that many in individuals in order to swell the list of Mormon depredations have reported property to be stolen which at another time they have acknowledged, they sold the same property & receivd pay; and whereas the chief magistrate of this after a second & protracted visit to this & much pains taken to investigate the charge of promiscuous stealing, reports to the Legislature as follows, “Justice however requires me here to say; that I have investigated the charge of promiscuous stealing and find it to be greatly exaggerated. I could not ascertain that these were a greater proportion of
at a memerous meeting of the Citizens of in the Chair Res. That the Preamble & Resolutions of the Common City Council of this we fully approve of & hereby recommend that fifty Delegates be speedely sent from this to every part of the [p. [2]]
Resolved unanimously that we approve the appointment of 500 police to
<​1​> Resolved unanimously that we will use all <​will​> <​use all Lawful mees [means] in​> our powers to assist the public authorities to prevent steeling— <​and Bogus making​> and bring the offenders to justice
<​2​> Resolved unamously that to furthe the object of the foregoing res present further depredates in our city we approve by lawless desperadoes from abroad we approve the raising of 500 police.
<​4​> Resolved unanimouly that 50 delegets be sent to the surround country to inform the people of the desegns of our enemies now moles[ti]ng concocting in their private meetigs so that the honest part of commuty may united with us to prevent steelig [stealing] and secure peace
<​3​> Resolved unanimsly that we invite all honest men to unite to wat[c]h closely their property & arrest all thieves and if th[e]y shall catch the <​a​> thief in the act <​of steeling​> & challenges him to stand, and he Refuses so to do— and flees— so far as [p. [3]]the mormes are concernd we will be satisfied if the owners of the propety shall <​speedily​> send after him a <​speedy​> writ of sealed with leed [lead] to arrest his progress, but <​after all​> should he the thief prove to be a mobocrat O what a pity!
Janry 14— 1845
Preamble and Resolutions of the People’s meeting held in
fair copied by [p. [4]]


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    Orson Spencer handwriting begins.  

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    It appears that a leaf is missing from this manuscript; the published version has several more paragraphs before the resolutions. (“Meeting of the Citizens,” Nauvoo Neighbor, 15 Jan. 1845, [3].  

    Nauvoo Neighbor. Nauvoo, IL. 1843–1845.

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    The following text, which appears upside-down at the bottom of this page, seems to be an aborted start to this resolutions document.  

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    Docket and notation in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.