Proclamation, 25 March 1843

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To the Citizens of .
Whereas it appears by the re-publication of the foregoing proceedings and declaration, that I have not altered my views on the subject of stealing: And whereas it is reported that there now exists a band of desperadoes, bound by oaths of secrecy, under severe penalties in case any member of the combination divulges their plans of stealing and conveying properties from station to station, up and down the and other routes: And whereas it is reported that the fear of the execution of the pains and penalties of their secret oath, on their persons, prevents some of the members of said secret association, (who have, through falsehood and deceit, been drawn into their snares,) from divulging the same to the legally Constituted authorities of the land:
Know ye therefore, That I, Joseph Smith, Mayor of the city of , will grant and ensure protection against all personal mob violence, to each and every citizen of this , who will freely and voluntarily come before me, and truly make known the names of all such abominable characters as are engaged in said secret combination for stealing, or are accessary thereto in any manner; and I would respectfully solicit the co-operation of all ministers of Justice, in this and the neighboring states, to ferret out a band of thievish oulaws from our midst.
Given under my hand at , this, 25th day of March, A. D., 1843.
Mayor of the said . [p. [3]]