Promissory Note to Jason Brunell, 14 September 1837

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Document Transcript

Sept 14th 1837
For Value Recieved I promice to pay Jacinth Beunell [Jason Brunell] five hundred dollers by the twentieth of Jenuary next with use
J[oseph Smith Jr.]
Received payment in full.
[p. [1]]
Recd this 3rd Day October 1840 on the within fifteen Dollars
Recd this 5th of October 1840 on the within sixteen <​nine​> Dollars
Recd 23d. July 1841 at Ill. One Hundred and four dollars in Goods & cash on the within
1842 Received on the within Ten dollars
Received 12 one buggy. per hand.
Law of the Lord page 79. value eighty d[ol]lars. on the within.—
Rceived Feb th A. Bond for a Lot west of John Hais in Kimballs additin value. $75.—
Received [on] the within March 30th. 1842 one hundre[d] and ninety dollars & fifty four cents.
April 11th. [184]2 Received on the within one hundr[ed] and fourteen dollars and thirty five [ce]nts [p. [2]]


  1. new scribe logo

    JS handwriting begins.  

  2. 1

    That is, interest.  

  3. 2

    TEXT: JS’s signature was cut out of the document, which may have served to cancel the note. However, it is unclear if this was done contemporaneously to void the note or years later by a signature collector.  

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    JS handwriting ends; Brigham Young begins.  

  5. 3

    TEXT: Note of payment—possibly paid by Young himself—written vertically over text, canceling the note. Eight payments, beginning October 1840, were recorded on the back of the note. Different individuals, including Jared Carter and Brigham Young, appear to have contributed to the effort to pay off JS’s debt, which was due in January 1838. Since the back of the note does not contain any signatures of endorsement, it appears the note was never transferred from Brunell, who died in 1841, or his family thereafter, meaning he or his family likely collected these payments.  

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    Brigham Young handwriting ends; first unidentified scribe begins.  

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    First unidentified scribe handwriting ends; second unidentified scribe begins.  

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    Second unidentified scribe handwriting ends; Newel K. Whitney begins.  

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    Newel K. Whitney handwriting ends; Willard Richards begins.  

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    Willard Richards handwriting continues, though written at a later time than the previous line. Text from this point forward written vertically across preceding text.  

  11. 4

    TEXT: Cut-out signature on opposite side of page results in missing text. From this point forward, text is supplied based on context.  

  12. 5

    The Nauvoo-era “Book of the Law of the Lord” records a tithing payment by Jared Carter for one buggy valued at eighty dollars. That inscription was crossed out, suggesting that although the buggy may have initially been intended as a tithing payment, it was instead applied to the debt on this promissory note. (Book of the Law of the Lord, 79.)  

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    Willard Richards handwriting continues, written still later.  

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    Willard Richards handwriting ends; William Clayton begins.  

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    Handwriting of William Clayton continues, though written at a later time.