Questions and Answers, between circa 16 and circa 29 March 1838–A [D&C 113:1–6]

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Quest. on Scripture.
1st. Who is the stem of Jessee spoken of in the 1st. 2d. 3d. 4th. and 5th. verses of the 11th. Chap. of Isiah.
Ans. Verely thus saith the Lord It is Christ
Q. 2d. What is the Rod spoken of in the 1st. verse of the 11th. verse Chap. that shoud come of the stem of Jessee.
Ans. Behold thus saith <​the Lord​> it is a servant in the hands of Christ who is partly a decendant of Jessee as well as of Ephraim or of the house of Joseph, on whome thare is Laid much power.
Qest 3d. What is the Root of Jessee spoken of in the 10th. verse of the 11th. Chap.
Ans. Behold thus saith the Lord; it is a decendant of Jessee as well as of Joseph unto whom rightly belongs the and the of the Kingdom for an ensign and for the of my people in the Last day.— [p. 17]


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    See JS’s answer to the third question, regarding the “root of Jessee.”  

  2. 2

    Isaiah’s messianic prophecy of a rod to come out of the stem of Jesse explicates and immediately follows his prophecy that Judah’s enemies would be cut down and that “Lebanon shall fall by a mighty one.” JS’s revelations and translations apparently offer further information regarding this “mighty one.” The Book of Mormon, which is deeply rooted in the prophetic worldview of Isaiah, includes a prophecy by Lehi that his son Jacob’s posterity would survive into the last days and accept the Book of Mormon. Lehi explained: “There shall raise up one, mighty among them, which shall do much good, both in word and in deed, being an instrument in the hands of God, with exceeding faith, to work mighty wonders, and do that thing which is great in the sight of God, unto the bringing to pass much restoration unto the House of Israel, and unto the seed of thy brethren.” In 1832, in response to migration and settlement problems in Jackson County, Missouri, JS prophesied that, if needed, the Lord would “send on[e] mighty and strong” to “set in order the house of God and to arange by lot the inheritance of the saints.” (Isaiah 10:34; Book of Mormon, 1830 ed., 68 [2 Nephi 3:24]; Letter to William W. Phelps, 27 Nov. 1832 [D&C 85:7].)  

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    In the tenth verse of chapter 11, Isaiah prophesies that the “root of Jesse” would “stand for an ensign of the people,” while the eleventh and twelfth verses foretell that the Lord would set up “an ensign for the nations” and “assemble the outcasts of Israel.” The thirteenth verse states that the enmity between Ephraim (the northern kingdom of Israel) and Judah (the southern kingdom) would be resolved. JS’s answers to the second and third questions suggest that the “root of Jesse” spoken of in verse 10 would reunite Judah and the northern tribes in part by being a descendant of Joseph (through Ephraim) as well as of Judah (through Jesse).  

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    In response to a question regarding another passage in Isaiah, JS explained that there is a hereditary right to the priesthood. (See Questions and Answers, between ca. 16 and ca. 29 Mar. 1838–B [D&C 113:8].)  

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    According to JS’s revelations and writings, the “keys” he received allowed him to unlock the mysteries of heaven and divine authority. Mirroring language in Matthew 16:19, a revelation published in 1835 stated that the Lord conveyed the “keys of my kingdom” to JS and Oliver Cowdery by sending to them the New Testament apostles Peter, James, and John as heavenly messengers. JS’s journal recounts a vision in 1836 in which Moses appeared to JS and Oliver Cowdery and delivered to them the “keys of the gathering of Israel from the four parts of the Eearth.” In July 1837, JS dictated a revelation declaring that “the keys which I have given him [JS] . . . shall not be taken from him untill I come.” (Revelation, ca. Aug. 1835 [D&C 27:12–13]; Visions, 3 Apr. 1836 [D&C 110:11]; Revelation, 23 July 1837 [D&C 112:15]; see also Revelation, 30 Oct. 1831 [D&C 65:2]; Revelation, 15 Mar. 1832 [D&C 81:2]; and JS History, ca. Summer 1832, 1.)  

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    See Revelation, 11 Sept. 1831 [D&C 64:42].  

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    Isaiah 11:10–16 contains a prophecy that the Israelites will be gathered to their homeland.