Receipt from Horace Hotchkiss and Others, 28 February 1842

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28th. February 1842
Received from Mr Three Pieces land situated in the State of — Namely Six acres with Brick House and other buildings thereon— A Pine Timber farm containing One Hundred Acres also another Pine Timber Farm containing Forty Acres all more or less for the whole of which lands and buildings we are to endorse Thirty two hundred dollars on two certain Notes drawn by Joseph Smith and dated 12th. August 1839 the one in favour of and the other in favour of and and payable twelve months after date
The receipt of said sum of Three Thousand and two hundred dollars is hereby acknowledged
by Atty.
In presence of
Lawrence Chamberlain [p. [1]]
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    Though this letter and others from Horace Hotchkiss to JS, as well as from Hotchkiss to his business partners, are addressed from or have postal markings from Fair Haven, Connecticut, Hotchkiss gave his legal place of residence as nearby New Haven. (Bonds from Horace Hotchkiss, 12 Aug. 1839–A and B.)  

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    On 12 August 1839 Rigdon, JS, and Hyrum Smith agreed to purchase approximately four hundred acres of land in the Commerce, Illinois, area from Hotchkiss, Tuttle, and Gillet. The payment terms were $50,000 in principal, due twenty years from the date of the transaction, and forty separate interest installments of $1,500 each. Two of these interest payments were due each year, beginning on 12 August 1840, with one payment to be made to Hotchkiss and the other to Tuttle and Gillet. By the time Hotchkiss issued this receipt, $6,000 (representing interest payments for the first two years) was due, a little over half of which was to be credited from the land Ivins was transferring to Hotchkiss. (Bond from Horace Hotchkiss, 12 Aug. 1839–A; Promissory Note to Horace Hotchkiss, 12 Aug. 1839; Promissory Note to John Gillet and Smith Tuttle, 12 Aug. 1839; see also the first two 12 August 1839 promissory notes from Sidney Rigdon, JS, and Hyrum Smith to John Gillet and Smith Tuttle, and the first two 12 August 1839 promissory notes to Horace Hotchkiss, all in JS Collection, CHL.)  

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    Signature of Horace Hotchkiss.  

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    Signatures of Smith Tuttle and John Gillet in the handwriting of Smith Tuttle.  

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    Signature of Lawrence Chamberlain, who was presumably a justice of the peace or a county recorder.