Receipt from Wesley Williams, 5 September 1839

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Joseph Smith <​& co​> To
Recorder of
To recording Town plot of
590 Lots at 4 cents each $23.60
Recording field Notes 2.00
Certificate of Record [.]25
Sept. 5th. 1839 [p. [1]]
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    The remainder of the text was copied from Williams’s entry of the plat in the county plat book. (Hancock Co., IL, Plat Books, 1836–1938, vol. 1, p. 37, microfilm 954,774, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL.)  

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

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    The Nauvoo plat consisted of 161 blocks, the majority of which were subdivided into 4 one-acre lots. A few of the blocks, however, were not subdivided into lots, and a number of blocks were fractional, containing fewer than 4 lots because of irregular geographic features (primarily the shoreline of the Mississippi River) or limitations imposed by the boundaries of the land purchased. These exceptions account for the disparity between the 590 lots paid for in the recording and the 644 lots that would have resulted from 161 blocks of 4 lots each. The land the church purchased from Hotchkiss, Tuttle, and Gillet also included land that had already been surveyed as part of the plats of Commerce and Commerce City, but these areas were not resurveyed and, though included in the later municipal boundaries of Nauvoo, were not included on the original Nauvoo plat. (Hancock Co., IL, Plat Books, 1836–1938, vol. 1, pp. 10–11, Commerce Plat, 24 May 1834; pp. 26–27, Commerce City Plat, 28 Apr. 1837; pp. 37–39, Nauvoo Plat, 3 Sept. 1839, microfilm 954,774, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL; see also Act to Incorporate the City of Nauvoo, 16 Dec. 1840.)  

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

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    The Illinois statute governing the recording of town plats stipulated that county recorders were entitled to four cents per lot recorded and that surveyors were entitled to twenty-five cents per lot surveyed and platted. (An Act Providing for the Recording of Town Plats [27 Feb. 1833], Public and General Statute Laws of the State of Illinois, p. 678, sec. 10.)  

    The Public and General Statute Laws of the State of Illinois: Containing All the Laws . . . Passed by the Ninth General Assembly, at Their First Session, Commencing December 1, 1834, and Ending February 13, 1835; and at Their Second Session, Commencing December 7, 1835, and Ending January 18, 1836; and Those Passed by the Tenth General Assembly, at Their Session Commencing December 5, 1836, and Ending March 6, 1837; and at Their Special Session, Commencing July 10, and Ending July 22, 1837. . . . Compiled by Jonathan Young Scammon. Chicago: Stephen F. Gale, 1839.