Recognizance, 18 September 1838 [State of Missouri v. JS et al. for Riot]

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Be it remembered that on this 18th day of September 1838 before the undersigned John Wright & Elijah Foley two Justices of the peace within and for the County of in the State of personally came , William Aldridge [Aldrich] Absalem Snitchfield [Absalom Sentchfield] Amos Tubbs [Tubs] Perry Durfey [Durfee] James Bingham Ephraim Owens [Owen] John Lem[m]on and Alanson Brown as principlals and Charles Bird , as Securities and acknowledged themselves to [illegible] and be indebted to the state of that is to say the said principles and and Securities jointly and severally in the sum of one thousand dollars to be levied of their respective goods and chattels lands and tenements to the use of the State of to be rendered but to be void upon condition that the above named principles and each of them make their personal appearance at the next Circuit court to be holden in and for said county of & on the first day of said term to answer to an indictment then and there to be prefered by the Grand Jury against them and that they do not depart said Court without the leave thereof—
Perry Durfee
E. Owen
Wm Aldrich
attest Taken and certified before us the day & year first above written.
John Wright (Ss: [scilicet]
Elijah Foley
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Alanson Brown
Absalom Sentchfield
James Bingham
Amos Tubs
John Lemmon
Chas Bird
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    Signatures of Joseph W. Younger, Moses Daley, Perry Durfee, Ephraim Owen, James Whitaker, William Aldrich, Alanson Ripley, George A. Smith, Alanson Brown, Absalom Sentchfield, James Bingham, Amos Tubs, John Lemmon, Charles Bird, Jabez Durfee, and Sylvester B. Stoddard.  

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    Witnessed by John Wright and Elijah Foley.