Replication, circa 7 May 1844 [JS v. Reynolds and Wilson–A]

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Joseph Smith) Of the May Term of the Circt. Court A. D. 1844
And the said plaintiff as to the of the said defendants by them first above pleaded & whereof they have put themselves , doth the like—
for Plff—
And the said plff. as to the plea of the said def[en]dants second by them above pleaded, saith that the said plff, by reason of anything by the said defts. in that plea alleged, ought not to be barred of having or maintaining his aforesaid action thereof against them the said defts because he saith that no indictment was found against the said plaintiff in by a Jury having competent & legal authority so to do in manner & form as in said defts. second plea alleged & that the executive of the state of did not make a requisition of upon the of the state of in conformity for the arrest & delivery of said plaintiff in conformity with the laws of the & of this <​as in said plea alleged—, & that said defts. did use more force &c than was necessary for the caption & detention of sd— plff​>; and this the said plaintiff prays may be inquired of by the country: wherefore he prays judgement &c—
for Plff— [p. [1]]
Joseph Smith
Filed May 8th 1844
C[harles] T. Chase Clerk [p. [2]]


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    TEXT: “def[page damaged]dants”.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Shepherd Patrick.  

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    Notation in handwriting of Charles Chase.