Report of Committee, 29 September 1842–B

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We the Committee to whom the within document was referred, do report, that in as much as the within amount appears to have been drawn for upon the Treasury, and that no claim is now in existence, by the persons within named, upon this , we cannot conceive that we can make any further report thereon, but refer it to the City Council to make such order thereon as they may consider necessary.—
Septr. 29th. 1842.—
<​The act of the Mayor & Recorder, in drawing upon the City Treasurer for the within amount, is approved of—​>
<​Octr. 8[th]. 1842.​> [p. [1]]


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    Signatures of James Ivins, John Lytle, and Edward Hunter.  

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    Endorsement in handwriting of James Sloan.