Report of Committee, 5 February 1841

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Your committee to whom was reffered that portion of the address of his honor the , which he recommended the propriety of vacating the Towns plats and the city of , in and incorporating them with the city plot of would respectfully report: That they consider the reccommendation contained in the address as one of great importance to the future welfare and prosperity of this , and if carried into effect would make the streets regular and uniform and materially tend to beautify this city. We would therefore respectfully reccommend that the survey of the City of be carried through the town plots of and the City of as soon as it may be practible.
All of which is respectfully submitted
We would therefore reccommend to the council the passage of the following Resolution
That the Town plots of and be vacated and that the same stand vacated from this time forth. and for ever and that the same be incorporated with the City of from this time henceforth and for ever.
All of which is respectfully [p. [1]] —Submitted
Chairman Joseph Smith
City of . Feby 5. 1841
Report of the Committee on Vacating the Tow Plats of & .
J Smith Char [Chairman]
[p. [2]]


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    Robert B. Thompson handwriting begins.  

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    Though he apparently made such a recommendation, no extant versions of Mayor John C. Bennett’s 3 February address contain any recommendation for or otherwise note the propriety of vacating the Commerce and Commerce City plats. (See John C. Bennett, “Inaugural Address,” Times and Seasons, 15 Feb. 1841, 2:316–318.)  

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    Robert B. Thompson handwriting ends; JS begins. JS signed his own name and wrote the other names here.