Resignation from Sidney Rigdon, 1 November 1841

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Nov 1st 1841
Hon. , Mayor of the city of .
Honored Sir, from a sence of duty, both to myself and the citizens of , I feel bound to tender to you and through you to the city concil my resignation, as a member of said council,
It is well known to your honor, as well as to all the council, that such has been, and is now is, the state of my health, that I have not been , at any time, since I have had the honor of a seat with you, able to perform the duties of the office; nor have I any prospect of being able, at any time, during my time of service. I therefore sincerely hope, that my resignation will be accepted.
Receive honored Sir, bothe for yourself and the council, the fullest assurance of my highest regard and profoundest respect. Wishing you prosperity and success.
I have the honor to subscribe myself your most respectfully
your obt Servent
Hon [p. [1]]
Novr 1st. 1841
Resignation of as a Member of The City Council [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of James Sloan.