Revelation, 12 January 1838–A

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Ohio Jan. 12th 1838
In the presence of Joseph Smith Jr & at the , The following inquiry was made of the Lord
A question asked of the Lord concerning the trying of the of the for transgression according to the item of Law found in third sec of the Book of covenants 37 verse Whether the decision of such an of one shall be conclusive for and all the Stake——
Answer} Thus saith the Lord the time has now come when a decision of such an council would not answer for Zion and all her stakes——
What will answer for Zion and all her Stakes
Answer; Thus saith the Lord let the first presidency of my Church be held in full fellowship in Zion and all her stakes until they shall be found transgressors by such an high council—— [p. [1]] as is named in the 3rd sec. 37 verse of the Book of Covenants, in by 3 witnesses standing against Each member of said and said witnesses shall be of long and faithful standing and such also as cannot be impeached by other witnesses before said and when a desision is had by such an council in Zion it shall only be for Zion it shall not answer for her but if said desision be acknowleged by the Council of her stakes then it shall answer for her stakes <​But if it is not acknowleged by the Stakes then such <​stakes​> may have the privilege of hearing for themselves​> or if said decision shall be acknowleged by a majority of her stakes then it shall <​answer​> for <​all​> her stakes And again the presidency of said may be tried by the <​voice​> of the whole body of <​the Church of​> Zion, and the whole body <​voice of a majority​> of all her stakes, And again except a majority is had by the voice of the Church of Zion, and the majority of her stakes, the charges will be considered not sustained, and in order to sustain such charge or charges before said Church <​of Zion​> or her stakes [p. [2]] Such witnesses must be had as is named above, That is three witnesses ◊◊ Each that is of long & faithfull sta[nd]ing that can[not] be impeached by other wi[tnesses] before [the] of or her , and all this saith the Lord, because of wicked and aspiring men, let all your doing be in meekness and humility before me even so Amen [p. [3]]
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  1. 1

    The land known as the French farm was purchased by the church from Peter French in April 1833. The land was subdivided into lots, which included the lots for the Kirtland House of the Lord as well as the homes of JS and Emma Smith and several other church members. (Geauga Co., OH, Deed Records, 1795–1921, vol. 17, pp. 38–39, 359–360, 10 Apr. 1833; vol. 17, pp. 360–361, 17 June 1833, microfilm 20,237, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL; Minutes, 23 Mar. 1833–A; Minutes, 23 Mar. 1833–B; Revelation, 23 Apr. 1834 [D&C 104].)  

    U.S. and Canada Record Collection. FHL.

  2. 2

    Instruction on Priesthood, between ca. 1 Mar. and ca. 4 May 1835 [D&C 107:82–84]. “Book of covenants” is a reference to the 1835 edition of the Doctrine and Covenants.  

  3. 3

    This answer, that the decision of one council cannot represent the whole church, is not included in the copies of the revelation found in JS’s journal or in the Book of the Law of the Lord. (See JS, Journal, 8 July 1838; and Revelation, 12 Jan. 1838–A, in Book of the Law of the Lord, 17.)  

  4. 4

    This question is not included in the copies of the revelation found in JS’s journal or in the Book of the Law of the Lord. (See JS, Journal, 8 July 1838; and Revelation, 12 Jan. 1838–A, in Book of the Law of the Lord, 17.)  

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    The voice of the church mentioned here may mean all members, as it did in the election of church leaders in Kirtland on 3 September 1837 and in Far West on 7 November 1837. (See Historical Introduction to Minutes, 3 Sept. 1837; and Historical Introduction to Minutes, 7 Nov. 1837.)  

  6. 6

    The copy of this revelation in JS’s journal reads “that is the witnesses to each President.” (JS, Journal, 8 July 1838.)  

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    TEXT: Page damage renders several words on this page wholly or partly illegible. Text is supplied based on the copy of the revelation in JS, Journal, 8 July 1838.  

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    This is likely a reference to the dissenters and excommunicated church members in Kirtland. According to Vilate Murray Kimball, in January 1838 the dissenters had joined with other individuals who opposed JS or the church. She wrote that the dissenters “join with those that had previously left the church and openly profess infidelity” and “they are united with the worlds people, and those of our greatest enemies; Mr. Newel [Grandison Newell] not excepted, he attends their meetings, and it is said they have has privet councils togather.” (Vilate Murray Kimball, Kirtland, OH, to Heber C. Kimball, Preston, England, 19–24 Jan. 1838, Heber C. Kimball, Collection, CHL.)  

    Kimball, Heber C. Collection, 1837–1898. CHL. MS 12476.