Revelation, 14 June 1831 [D&C 55]

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58 June 14th. 1831
A Revelation to & their Calling &c——
Behold thus saith the lord unto you my servent yea even the lord of the whole Earth thou art called & chosen & hast after thou hast been by water which if you do with an eye single to my glory you shall have a remission of your sins & a reception of the Holy spirit by the laying on of hands & then thou shalt be by the hand of my servent Joseph to be an unto this to Preach repentance & remission of sins by way of baptism in the name of Jesus Christ the son of the living God & on whomsoever you shall lay your hands & if they are contrite before me you shall have power t give the holy spirit & again thou shalt be ordained to assist my servent to do the work of Printing & of Selecting & writing Books for Schools in this Church that little Children also may receive instruction before me as is pleasing unto me & again verily I say unto you for this cause thou shalt take thy Journey with my servents Joseph & that thou mayest be planted in the land of thine inheritance to do this work & again let my servent also take his Journey with them the residue shall be made known hereafter even as I will Amen [p. 91]


  1. 1

    John Whitmer likely created this heading when he copied the text into Revelation Book 1.  

  2. 2

    Phelps later dated his baptism to 16 June 1831, two days after the dictation of this revelation. (William W. Phelps, “Letter No. 6,” LDS Messenger and Advocate, Apr. 1835, 1:97.)  

    Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Kirtland, OH. Oct. 1834–Sept. 1837.

  3. 3

    The date of Phelps’s ordination has been disputed because of an apparent contradiction in the sources. The text of this revelation indicates that he had been neither baptized nor ordained an elder by 14 June 1831, but an entry in Minute Book 2 under a 6 June 1831 date lists his name among those ordained elders. By Phelps’s own account, he was still in New York on 6 June. This and other evidence indicates that the entry in Minute Book 2 is a record of ordinations beginning on 6 June and occurring over at least the next ten days. (Note on Ordinations, ca. 16 June 1831; [William W. Phelps], “Extract of a Letter from the Late Editor,” Ontario Phoenix (Canandaigua, NY), 7 Sept. 1831, [2].)  

    Ontario Phoenix. Canandaigua, NY. 1828–1832.

  4. 4

    See Revelation, 20 July 1831 [D&C 57:11].  

  5. 5

    In the first publication of The Evening and the Morning Star in Missouri, Phelps apparently referenced this portion of the revelation when he explained to the readers that “those appointed to select and prepare books for the use of schools, will attend to that subject, as soon as more weighty matters are finished.” No known copies of such books are extant and it is unknown if any were actually produced. (“Common School,” The Evening and the Morning Star, June 1832, [6].)  

    The Evening and the Morning Star. Independence, MO, June 1832–July 1833; Kirtland, OH, Dec. 1833–Sept. 1834.

  6. 6

    Coe was listed as an elder in attendance at the early June conference. (Minutes, ca. 3–4 June 1831.)