Revelation, 18 October 1835

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Oct 18, 1835. Sabbath
This day assembled in the as usual and the Spirit of the [p. 81] Lord decended upon J. Smith Jr—the and he propheced: saying the L[or]d has showd to me this day by the Spirit of Revelation that the distress, and sickness that has heretofore prevailed among the children of Zion will be mitigated from this time forth. [p. 82]


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    JS’s journal does not mention this revelation but simply notes that he “attended meeting in the Chapel,” or the House of the Lord, on 18 October 1835. (JS, Journal, 18 Oct. 1835.)  

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    TEXT: “L[hole in paper]d”.  

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    See Psalm 149:2; Joel 2:23; Revelation, 22–23 Sept. 1832 [D&C 84:56–58]; Revelation, 16–17 Dec. 1833 [D&C 101:41, 81–85]; and Revelation, 24 Feb. 1834 [D&C 103:35].  

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    Cholera broke out in June 1834 among members of the Camp of Israel, killing thirteen camp members and two other Saints in Clay County, but there is no other evidence of unusual or serious illness among church members in Clay County. JS’s journal notes that he had recently attended to his father, Joseph Smith Sr., whose recovery from illness “caused us to marvel at the might power and condesension of our Heavenly Father in answering our prayers in his behalf.” (“Joseph Smith Documents from April 1834 through September 1835;” JS, Journal, 6–11, 13, and 18 Oct. 1835; see also “Mormon War,” Painesville [OH] Telegraph, 25 July 1834, [3]; Amasa Lyman, Journal, 1834; Smith, “History of George Albert Smith,” 29–31; Bradley, Zion’s Camp 1834, 207; and Burgess, Autobiography, 3.)  

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