Revelation, 28 April 1834

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28.— April 1834.
Verily thus saith the Lord concerning the division and settlement of the : Let there be reserved three Thousand Dollars for the right and claim of the Firm in for in due time, even when the Lord will; and with this claim to be had in remembrance when the Lord shall reveal it for a right of inheritance. Ye are made free from the Firm of and the Firm of in is made free from the firm in : Thus Saith the Lord. Amen
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    According to the 23 April 1834 revelation, upon the separation of the Missouri and Ohio branches of the United Firm, the name of the firm in Kirtland would be “The United Firm of the Stake of Zion, the city of Kirtland,” while the name of the firm in Missouri would be “The United Firm of the City of Zion.” (Revelation, 23 Apr. 1834 [D&C 104:48].)  

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    TEXT: “Orson Hyde” is double underlined.