Revelation, 4 December 1831–C [D&C 72:24–26]

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A few words in addition to the laws of the kingdom respecting the members of the church they who are appointed by the holy spirit to go up unto <​&​> they who who are priveledged to go up unto let them carry up unto the a certificate from three Elders of the church or a certificate from the otherwise he who shall go up unto the land of shall not be accounted worthy a wise steward this als[o] is an ensample Amen [rest of page blank] [p. [2]]


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    None were to go to Zion except those who were appointed. An August 1831 revelation stated that the elders should “desire . . . through prayer” to go to Zion, where they would receive an inheritance, but this gathering needed to be “done as it shall be councelied by the Elders of the Church at the conferences.” Another revelation explained that JS would have “power that he shall be enabled to descern by the spirit those who shall go up unto the land of Zion & those of my Desiples that shall tarry.” (Revelation, 1 Aug. 1831 [D&C 58:44, 56]; Revelation, 30 Aug. 1831 [D&C 63:41].)