Revelation, July 1830–B [D&C 26]

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26th AD 1830
A Revelation to Joseph & given at Susquehannah County State of Pennsylvania
Behold I say unto you that ye shall let your time be devoted to the studying the & to preaching & to the Church at & to performing thy labours on the Land such as is required until after ye shall go to the west to hold the next then it shall be made known what thou shalt do & all things shall be done by common consent in the by much prayer & faith for all things ye shall receive by faith & thus it is amen [p. 34]


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    John Whitmer likely created this heading when he copied the text into Revelation Book 1.  

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    A revelation in June 1830, the month before this directive, promised that missing portions of the Bible would “be had again among the Children of men” and presented the expansive visions of Moses. The ambitious work of Bible revision occupied JS for much of the next three years. (Visions of Moses, June 1830 [Moses 1:41]; see also Faulring et al., Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible, 3–13.)  

    Faulring, Scott H., Kent P. Jackson, and Robert J. Matthews, eds. Joseph Smith’s New Translation of the Bible: Original Manuscripts. Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2004.

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    Because of persecution, prior efforts to confirm people who had been baptized in Colesville had been unsuccessful. (See JS History, vol. A-1, 44, 47; see also Historical Introductions to Revelation, July 1830–A [D&C 24]; and to Revelation, July 1830–C [D&C 25].)  

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    This conference was held 26–28 September 1830 at Fayette, New York, about eighty miles northwest of Harmony. (See Minutes, 26 Sept. 1830; see also Minutes, 9 June 1830.)  

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    The term “common consent” likely referred to seeking the agreement of church members for a particular course of action. (See JS History, vol. A-1, 37.)