Revised Minutes, circa 17 June 1844, Partial Draft

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For the Neightr— [Neighbor]
M Editor —
In your Last weeks paper I proposed giving your reader a acount of the proceedings of the City Councill relative to the “Nauvoo Expositor”, but my time fordids any thing more than a brief, synopsis, of the Municipality of the .
Synopsis of the <​proceedings of the​> Municipality of the City of .relative <​relative​> to the desrtuction of the Press & fixtures of the “Nauvoo Expositer.”
City Counicl— Regular Session, June 8th 1844.
June 8th 1844
In connection with other business, as stated in Last weeks paper the Mayor, remarked that he believed it generally the case, that when a man goes to law, he, has an unjust ca[u]se & wants to go before some one who wa[n]ts bisiness, and that he had very few cases on his docked docket— and <​referring to — editor of the Nauvoo Expositor,​> suggested the proprity of first purging the city counicl and referred referring to the character the of the paper & propri[e]tors, called upon— <​(a Mechanic)​> who being sworn— said that, the Laws. ( & ) had braught Bogus Dies to him to fix;
Councillor , enquired what good, Mr & <​his​> brother, & the Higbees & Laws. (proprieters of the “Expositor”) <​& Laws, (proprieter of the Expositor)​> had ever done, had ever ◊◊ done in the,— while his brother Joseph was under arrest, from persecution, the Laws, & would have been rode on a rail, if he had not stepped forward to prevent it on account of their oppressing the poor. [p. 1]
Mayor said, while he was under arrest by writ from , pursu[e]d him, for $40,00 he was owing Law, and it took the Last expens m[o]ney he had to pay it.
C. , refered to ’s Coming to this , &c.
Mayor— said had offerd $500,00 to kill him.
C. , continued; , told him, he () ment to have his daughter—, and threatened him if he made any resitance, related to him a Dream; that Joseph and were opposed to him, but that he would do executee his pupeses [purposes],;— that had laid a plan with 4 or 4 <​5​> persons to kidnap his daug[h]ter, & thre[a]tened to shoot anyone that should come near after he had got cher in the boat, skiff, That , was engaged in trying to make Bogus which was his prncipal business,—— refered to the revelation, read to the High council of the church, which has caused so much talk about a multiplicty of wives— that said Revelation was in Answer to a question concernig things which transpird in former days— & had no refrnc to the prsnt time—— <​that​> when <​sick​> was sick confessed to him that he had been guilty of Adultry, & was not fit to live, & had sinned aganst his own soul, &c.— & Who was enqired Who was ? when he came here he had save 2 shi[r]ts to his back, but he had been dendled [dandled] by the authurities of the ,— and was now Editor of the “Nauvoo— Expositor,” and his right hand man , who had confessd to him that he had had the *, &c. [p. 2]
[verso of page [2] blank] [p. [2a]]
Washington Peck, sworn, Said <​soon​> after come here, he came to witness to borrow money, which witness loaned him, & took some jwelry as securiety. Soon after a man from across the came after the jewelry.— had stolen the jewelry from him. At another time wanted to get mony of witness. Asked witness if he would do any thing dishonorable to get aliving. Witness said he would not.— said witness was a damned fool, for he could get a living a deal easier than he was then doing by making Bogus, & some men high in the Church were engaged in the business. Witness asked if it was Joseph. No! said , I dare not tell it to Joseph. Witness undertood him the Laws were engaged in it. said he would better death of witness if he ever went to Joseph or any one else to tell what he had said.
P. M.—
Ordered by the council that, Counseller, be suspended until his case could be investigated for sland[er]ing the city council, and that the Recorder notify him of his suspension, and that his case would come up for investigation at the next regular sessions of the council. -[The order is in the hands of the ]-
Counciller said that had helped make the ordinances of the , and had never lifted his voice agait them in the council, and was now trying to destroy the ordinances and the charter. [p. 3]
[verso of page [3] blank] [p. [3a]]
Sworn, said told that Bogus business <​Making​> was going on in the ,— but it was too damned small business—— wanted witness to help him to pr[o]cure mony, for the General, (Smith) was afraid to go <​i​>nto it, & with $500.00 he could get an engraving for bills on the bank of . And one on the state of , and could make money— said many times, witness did not know him:— said he believed the Gen had been telling him something. God Damn him if he has I will kill him,— swore he would kill any man that should prove a traitor to him.— said if he could get a company of of men to suit him, he would go into the frontiers— and live by high way robbery,— had got sick of the wo[r]ld.
Mayor Suggested that the council pass an ordinance to prevent Misrepresentation and Libellus publications,— and conspiracies against the peace of the ;— and, referring to reports that, had set afloat; that said he had never made any proposals to to come back to the church. proposed to come back; came to mayors & wanted a priva[te] intirvew— Mayor told him he would have no private intirvew; had some conversation in the Hall with in the Hall, in presence of several gentlemen, on the 7 inst,— offerd to meet him and have an interview in prese[n]ce of frind,— 3 or 4 to be selected by each party,— which agreed to,— and went to bring, [p. 4] his frind for the interview, and the next thing <​notice​> he heard from him was the followi was a letter, the of which the following is a copy.—
(here copy the letter)
Superscribed, “Gen J. Smith, Presnt.”
Mayor continued:— and when left his house, he went to a shoe shop on the hill and said reported, that “Joseph said if he would come back -[to the church,]- he would give him s place in the church, and a hat full of specie & so
, Sworn— said that the conversation as stated by the Mayor was correct, was at <​or near​> the May <​June​> 7[th] about 10 o clock, when rode up and enquired if Gen Smith was at home, witness told him he believed he was,— , went into the , witness followed. was there, the Gen & others looking at some specimens of penmanship, something was said respecting a conversaton at that time, between the Gen & ;— Gen Smith observed to , if he had a conversation he would want others presnt,— The said he would have a word with him by himself; and went into the Hall. went to the door, that he might see & hear what was passing: They still continued to talk on the subject of a conversation that they might have afterwrds, with others present, that Mr Smith might choose & might choose, left, & went [p. 5]
[verso of page [5] blank] [p. [5a]]
for those that he said he wanted presnt, and would return soon with them,— things thinks he heard all the conversation, heard nothing abut Gen Smith’s making any offers to to settle, was present all the time. <​ said he had seen foster and talked with him.—​>
— Mayor Said he wished it disti[n]ctly understood that he knew nothing about going to see said .
— said he sent to , & Joseph knew nothing abut it.
Councillor , said came to him on the 7th and said he had had an interview with , and thought he was abut ready to come back, And a w[o]rd from with him or Joseph would bring it about [p. 6]
June 8th. 1844
Synopsis of the proceedings of the Municipality of in relation to the Nauvoo Expositor Press [p. [6a]]


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